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Monday, 29 April 2013

Ramirez Family Album

What I wrote back in October 2008, when I first played the Ramirez family, is lost, but I still found the pictures in the storytelling folder, and here are a select few of them:

The Ramirez' house (still the original one Maxis assigned to them):

 The Ramirez family, as they are when the game begins: Lisa, Checo and Tessa.

Checo helping Tessa with her homework.

Lisa finding out she is pregnant...
...and just after having given birth to Ramon.

Checo looking after Ramon.

A fateful encounter: Checo meets and greets Kristen Singles.

They quickly realize they have three bolts for each other, and eventually, Checo moves in with Kristen and her friends and has a daughter with her, Silvia.

 By the time Ramon reaches toddler age, Checo has already left his wife and children.

When it is time to play the Singles household, we will meet Checo again.

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