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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Powers-Sharpe Household: Week 2

- - - Update 30.3.2012 - - - The week is off to a good start when, early on Monday morning, Edwin moves in with his sister and her boyfriend. He has just graduated from college.

His diploma proudly displayed on the wall along with the other two, he instantly sets about working towards his lifetime want: he dreams of being head of SCIA. And, unlike Roxie and Jonah, he is lucky: the very first job advert popping up on the Simternet is that for a Rookie Field Agent!

The tiny room next to Roxie's and Jonah's bedroom is furnished with a single bed for Edwin, a night stand and a dresser; that's all he needs at the moment.

Tuesday goes by without any major events; the three flatmates decorate the open plan kitchen / dining / sitting area with christmas lights, stars and bows.

Edwin goes to work for the first time, in a rather chic outfit :-)

On Wednesday, as every morning, Jonah and Roxie want to look for jobs in the athletic career. But the computer is broken, and Jonah attempts to repair it. Much more painful than the electrocution looks his hand going through the wall!!!

No success, once again; I am really beginning to wonder how much longer there will NOT be a job in the athletic career available! Good to know that money is no problem for the three of them, they saved enough of their college grant money to tide them over rather comfortably.

Early on Thursday morning, Edwin receives a membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories. He is now, by the way, a Field Agent.

Uh-oh... you know what it means when I show you a picture of a telescope with no Sim looking through it, don't you? But it wasn't Edwin who was kidnapped by Aliens; he went to bed after the head of the Aspirational Laboratories had given him his membership card.

Instead, it was Jonah, who returns from his involuntary visit aboard the Alien space ship with a bad memory... and a souvenir in his belly :-)

And finally, on Friday morning, the coveted jobs in the Athletic career are available to Jonah, who starts as an MVP...

...and to Roxie, whose first step on this career ladder is Starter. (Notice there is no Christmas decoration anymore - it is spring now.)

After Roxie and Jonah return from work, Mary Gavigan happens to walk by and is invited in.

On Saturday, Jonah's belly proves to be too big for his normal trousers, and he changes into something more loose-fitting.

Roxie is promoted to All Star.

Edwin has been working hard and, apart from his sister and her boyfriend, not met with any of his friends all week, so he is happy to join in the apartment block party on the roof top and eats pizza with Hal Capp (who walked past and was asked in) and one of the other tenants.

Dirk Dreamer shows up, too; maybe he has heard that Jonah is going to have a half-Alien child like himself, and wants to offer some advice.

Sunday ends with Roxie maximizing her body skill - that will come in handy in her career!

What will Jonah have - a baby boy, girl or twins? How Alien will the baby look? Is Roxie going to stay ahead of Jonah in terms of their careers? Will Edwin ever find another girlfriend after Delilah O'Feefe, his college sweetheart, married Kevin Beare?


  1. Oh, I bet Edwin is so jealous that Jonah got abducted and not him!
    I wonder what kind of father romance-loving Jonah will be?
    So glad he and Roxie finally found their jobs- sometimes it takes forever doesn't it?!
    I hope Edwin finds love again, :)

    1. Yes, it would be nice to see Edwin happy; I quite like him! Don't care too much for Jonah, I must admit, but Edwin is special.

  2. Yay, more babies on the way!


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