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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Ramaswami Family: Week 4

Back at the Ramaswamis' for their 4th week, we find the household just as it was when we last saw them:

Sanjay and Priya still live here... do Sanjay's dogs, Alabama (left), Alegra (right) and Tucker (not pictured). On Monday, Sanjay becomes best friends with both Alabama and Alegra. If his first dog, Max, was still alive, he'd have four best pet friends now, but including Tucker, there are only three - out of the 20 he wants!

The Ramaswamis still go to the "Inner Child", Priya's second shop, to work on her LTW of owning 5 top level businesses. On this day, the toy shop reaches rank 7 when Sanjay helps Emily Broke-Lee find an item she was looking for.

On Tuesday, two of the dogs fight.

It's Alegra winning against Alabama.

The toy shop reaches rank 8 today. Elizabeth Aspir is kind enough to help out with the gardening (of course, I had one of the Ramaswamis influence her to do that).

Back home, Edwin Sharpe is greeted by Priya when he happens to walk by the house.

Wednesday morning sees the Ramaswamis wake up to their last day as adults - they will turn into Elders later today.

As a birthday present to themselves, they have finally purchased a car. This will make them arrive at the toy shop in style, and less tired.

It's a very busy day at the shop with no time for a birthday celebration.

Later at home, the Jacquets (Gilbert and Daisy, who was Rose Greenman's first plantbaby and later took a substance that made her turn from plantsim to "normal" Sim) pay a visit. Sanjay and Gilbert have just been talking about Sally Riley - with pink hearts flying! [Obviously, I took the picture after the flying hearts had disappeared. I often wonder how come a Sim's spouse does not mind them talking about another Sim in that manner.]

Ana Patel soon joins the impromptu party.

Only a few minutes later, first Sanjay turns into an Elder...

...and then his wife Priya.

Thursday morning, shortly after opening the shop, the wooden sign post in the front yard catches fire when Priya burns a pile of leaves. I am not going to intervene.

Of course, many a customer star is lost due to the fire, but more importantly, Priya falls victim to the flames herself.

The Grim Reaper takes her, and I do not make Sanjay beg for her life - I said I wasn't going to intervene, didn't I?

Priya is gone, and Sanjay is now a widower of 54, left with two businesses and three dogs.

He drives home in a daze, and the first thing he does after he's had a badly needed bath is to sell Priya's two businesses back to the community. This makes him a very wealthy man - he now has more than 156.000 Simoleons in the bank.

Lee Broke keeps him company that first evening without Priya. "You have to eat something, Mr. Ramaswami..." he encourages the poor man. Alegra is watching TV.

A stray cat without a tail, Balin, is outside, and Sanjay rushes to greet it. He has nothing left to live for but his animal friends.

Hours before sunrise on Friday morning, he greets Cashew.

Balin, the tail-less cat, returns later that day and is adopted by Sanjay.

Scout, a small stray dog, comes visiting; a welcome distraction for Sanjay.

On Saturday, Scout is back. Sanjay could adopt him now, but he already has three dogs and a cat; if he'll adopt more pets, they are going to be cats. With three dogs, he seems to be doing nothing but washing them in the bath, and mopping up their puddles.

Ophelia Nigmos comes to look after her recently widowed friend. She knows what it is like to lose a loved one - the man she intended to marry was eaten by her own cowplant a while ago.

Sunday morning while it is still dark, the beautiful white wolf Tramp is greeted by Sanjay.

It has not been exactly a good week for Sanjay - apart from losing his wife, he has not made much progress towards his LTW of having 20 best pet friends.

Thank God for friends! Ophelia Nigmos comes visiting on her own accord again on Sunday afternoon. She is good company for Sanjay, but there are no romantic feelings between the two of them.

How is Sanjay going to do in the next round? He is now 58 - I doubt he will ever reach his LTW, but will he find love again after the tragic loss of Priya?


  1. Aww, poor Priya. Hopefully Sanjay will throw himself into making lots of pet friends now though and get his LTW. :)
    I've never seen owned pets fighting before! :)

    1. Not sure, I might have seen owned pets fighting in another household, but can't remember exactly. I was half expecting the dog that lost the fight to run away after that, but was glad when it didn't happen.

  2. Awww, sad, poor Priya, and poor Sanjay. Not sure how many pets a household can have, but he'd probably need to befriend other sims' pets to make up the 20.

    1. Exactly, that is why he does not let any stray cat or dog pass the house ungreeted, even if it means waking him up in the middle of the night and have him rush out in his PJs!

  3. Well, the upside is that it might be easier to acheive Sanjay's very hard LTW now when he's on his own!


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