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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Ramaswami Family: Week 3

- - - Update 25.1.2012 - - - Priya has had a tiny extension added to the small shop; it contains a toilet and sink as well as a comfortable chair to have a minute of peace and rest her feet when the shop has been as busy as it always seems to be lately. On Monday of this week, the shop reaches rank 8, and by Wednesday, rank 9.

On the Friday, Sanjay meets and greets Alabama, a beautiful stray Retriever.

The shop gets another good review (its second one) and reaches rank 10 - that's one fifth of Priya's lifetime want achieved! Her first business is now worth 50.000 Simoleons, and the Ramaswami's bank account holds more than 80.000 Simoleons.

It is certainly time to expand, and Priya acquires this business: "Inner Child Toys and Gifts", a Maxis-built community lot that came into our games with the "Open for Business" expansion pack and where I have, until now, never played before. The price is 35.000 Simoleons, which leaves Priya with plenty of money to buy her first batch of products to sell at the shop.

On the opening day, she pushes the "Inner Child" to rank 2.

That night, Sanjay and Priya have reason to celebrate :-)

On Saturday, the "Inner Child" reaches rank 3, but when Sanjay tries to make hot dogs and sets the grill on fire, it goes back to rank 2. Later, with their combined effort, the Ramaswamis make it to rank 4, though.

And this is not the end of the good news for Saturday. Remember Alabama, the stray Golden Retriever? Sanjay adopts her, thus increasing his chance of getting closer to his own lifetime want of having 20 best pet friends.

It is Sunday, and with so many happy customers at the shop, Priya proudly reports rank 6 by closing time. I like the idea that Ginger Newson, the mother-to-be, shops here for her children!

Sanjay meets Balin, another stray dog...

...and when Alegra, a stray he met and befriended during the previous week, returns, he adopts her as well. Now he has three dogs (Balin is not yet his friend), and I am sure there will be more next time we come visiting with the Ramaswamis, as well as I am sure of Priya doing well with the "Inner Child".


  1. The second business is doing really well! Sanjay too is making impressive headway towards his goal. :)

    1. I really wonder whether any of my Sims will ever reach either goal - they are both so hard!

  2. I figure the only way the sim could make the 'own five top level businesses' goal, is if you had a wealthy sim buy existing businesses that someone else has built up to level 10 or close. Otherwise, I think it would just be too difficult.

    1. That was a thought I had years ago, too, but someone back then in the German Sims forum said that it wasn't possible to do it that way; as soon as ownership is transferred to another Sim, the business starts at the bottom again, and has to work its way up to the top once more.

  3. I think you're doing the top level businesses the only way possible. Hard work, one business at a time!

    1. Still not sure this is the only way possible, and I still have not managed this LTW for any of my Sims.


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