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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jasmine Rai: Week 2

Jasmine Rai, who lives in this apartment building in New Maximiliania's shopping district, is about to start her second week since graduating from university. Already last week, 22 days before reaching elderhood, she has fulfilled her LTW: she is now a Rock Goddess and on Permanent Platinum. This means that I will intervene very little with her life during this week, apart from making sure she pays her bills, has a well-stocked fridge and greets every New Maximilianian who walks by.

Good morning, Jasmine! Let's see what she is up to when left to her own devices.

Monday morning, and she makes herself an omelette for breakfast. Good!

While eating on her own, she thinks of the many friends she has made during her time at university and her first week in this neighbourhood.

Almeric Davis walks past and is duly greeted.

Here are the other two New Maximilianians who are renting apartments in the same buildings: Sarah Love (right) and Brittany Upsnott (talking to Jasmine). They all know each other from university.

Patricia Cooke is also greeted.

Later that day, I put my evil plan into action and have Jasmine quit her job as Rock Goddess. She now starts in the Natural Science career instead, because I want her to have a cowplant.

Tuesday morning, Jasmine cleans the kitchen on her own accord.

Then she writes her diary.

When Beta Beaker (half-Alien daughter of Loki Beaker) walks past, she is of course greeted.

On Wednesday morning, Jasmine gets a phone call from one of her many friends.

She then reads the games section in the paper. (This is not her living room, by the way, but out in the apartment building's hall.)

Thursday is Jasmine's day off, and she spends HOURS writing her diary.

Later, she joins the townie tenant (LaShawn Cameron) in the jaccuzzi on the ground floor.

She is still in her bathing costume when Gesine Gavigan walks by (she is one of Mary and Isaiah Gavigan's children).

On Friday, Jasmine is high enough in the Natural Scientist career to receive the cowplant.

Gunnar Roque comes visiting - he and Jasmine used to be in the band "The Shifting Paradymes" together, and after Gunnar's graduation, they had an affair (this was to help Gunnar fulfil his LTW of having woohoo with 20 different Sims).

Gunnar makes a beeline for Jasmine's guitar - there is still something of the old "Rock" in his bones!

Jasmine and Brittany are enjoying a bit of gossip about Tara Goth (née DeBateau) downstairs...

...when Gunnar joins them, spots Brittany in her red bikini and falls in love with her, much to Jasmine's dismay!

She accuses him of cheating - which is silly, since she should know what kind of guy Gunnar is and that the two of them were never ment to be more than friends... with an affair thrown in.

Sad and disappointed, Jasmine retreats to one of the sofas in the building's ground floor hall.

Meanwhile, Gunnar is giving his latest conquest a backrub...

...and is thanked for it by Brittany serenading him.

On Saturday morning, Gunnar is there again. It seems he can't stay away from either Jasmine or Brittany for long!

Jasmine is glad about the distraction of work, and brings colleague Castor Nova home that afternoon.

Brittany tries to talk to her, but Jasmine does not want to listen. She is still upset about what happened on Friday.

Sunday morning sees a listless Jasmine not wanting to get out of her bedroom.

She does get out eventually, and to my surprise cleans up the leftovers of the block party the landlord threw yesterday for all the tenants.

Upstairs in Jasmine's apartment, Brittany and Sarah have just witnessed the cowplant eating the townie tenant!

Bye-bye, LaShawn Cameron! I am sure you will be replaced soon by another townie tenant. (This confirms my observation from the last household with a cowplant: Only townies get eaten. That's a shame.)

Maybe LaShawn's death made Jasmine realize how soon life can be over, and how insignificant bickering among old friends really is. She makes up with Brittany, and has dinner with her and Sarah that evening. (They did not "make up" as such, but when Brittany tried to talk to Jasmine again, this time she listened, and they soon showed the "best friends" symbol again.)
By the way, there is now a 3-bolt-man in Jamine's relationship panel: Geoff Greenman, formerly Rutherford. He is an elderly man now, happily married to Lavender Greenman, and there won't be any consequences to that 3-bolt-attraction. 

Altogether, Jasmine fared a lot better than many other Sims do when I let them do whatever they want - she always cooked herself proper meals, took baths and went to the toilet before she was smelly or accidents could happen, and kept her place clean and tidy. She does not have a high logic profile, or anything like that; I don't know what this "stupid" or "intelligent" behaviour of our Sims really depends on.

Will Jasmine find someone else? Are there going to be more victims to her cowplant?


  1. It's good to see a Sim who can look after themself!
    Shame about her getting mad with Gunner but that's the kind of guy he is. I laughed when I saw Jasmine giving Brittany the 'talk to the hand' signal. lol
    Oh, LaShawn is so annoying in one of my 'hoods! It's nice to see her become cowplant fodder. :D

    1. Yeah, well, they (Gunnar and Jasmine) were never destined to be really together anyway.
      LaShawn's tombstone is now on the cemetery - she won't be annoying anymore :-)

  2. Fun with some drama. The sims never forget their past loves, do they? :)

    1. Sometimes they actually do! If they have not met with a certain Sim in a long time, eventually the hearts can go away as the friendship declines.


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