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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Powers-Sharpe Household: Week 3

- - - Update 19.4.2013 - - - Back with the Powers-Sharpe household, we find Jonah Powers entering labour at precisely 3.33 am (really!). His half-Alien daughter Perseida (after the Perseids, a "comet shower" that can be observed usually some nights in August in my part of the world) is born moments later, and now the household have one problem: space. The rented apartment is too small now, and so they decide to pack their university diplomas and career rewards and move somewhere bigger.

They settle for this house in the oldest part of New Maximiliania, next to the Greenmans'. Do you remember who once lived there? Exactly, this was the Grunts' house and originally stood in Strangetown.

Here we have the entire household: Jonah Powers with Perseida, his girlfriend Roxie Sharpe and her brother Edwin. How about a quick tour of the house?

The living room is only partly furnished. It is kept in creams and greens with a bit of lavender thrown in.

The kitchen; here, the original colours were kept.

The dining room takes up the minty green theme from the kitchen, adding warmth with the peach wall paint.

Upstairs, Edwin has his bedroom with adjacent bathroom.

Next to his bedroom is the gym room, with sunny orange walls.

Roxie and Jonah share the master bedroom in elegant lavender and sage. Little Perseida has her crib and changing table in here, too.

The en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom is done in cheerful yellow and white.

Justin Kim is part of the welcome committee...

...and patiently listens to Edwin explaining how they packed their bags and moved in.

To "thank" him for it, Justin goes and steals the small garden statue!

Actually, Justin was not the welcome committee, he just happened to walk by. Later on, Sharla Ottomas, Don Lothario and Gabe O'Mackey appear to check out the new residents at the old Grunt house.

Well, it was supposed to be the welcome dinner for the welcome committee... but it was not to be! Edwin, who is not a bad cook at all, set the stove on fire - and there was no fire alarm installed!

This is what a bunch of hysterical Sims look like in front of a fire. (Look at Gabe's hand sticking through Edwin's armpit, and Jessica's hand going right through Don's shoulder!) Eventually, Edwin rang the fire brigade (I decided to intervene this time - it would have been too horrible for the baby, Perseida, to possibly lose her Dad and everyone else on her very first day of life), the fire was dealt with, and everybody calmed down.

The welcome dinner consisted of burnt Chili con carne.

On Tuesday, Shaun Singles (son of Erin Singles and Nervous, formerly Subject) jogs past and is greeted by Jonah.

Paola Picaso was NOT greeted; she stole the garden gnome without being invited.

Edwin returns from home late at night with a promotion to Double Agent (remember: he wants to be head of SCIA).

Roxie has a full fridge downstairs and two staircases to access it, but does she go and get herself something to eat? Does she heck!

Only on Wednesday morning, she finally sits down for a breakfast of smelly omelette (yesterday's leftovers). You can tell what state she is in by the angry red plumbbob over her head! Don't worry about little Perseida - she is fine, although she is laying on the floor in the kitchen. With three adults in the house, they are constantly competing for who's going to feed her - and sometimes that results in one of them placing the baby on the floor, when interrupted by one of the others.

Francis J. Worthington, one of their former co-students, comes visiting Edwin today.

While everyone was busy with other things, unnoticed by me Perseida grew up into a toddler. Her Dad helped her.

On Thursday, Roxie is promoted to MVP. (She and Jonah want to be Hall of Famers.)

Jonah makes a better job of preparing Chili con carne than Edwin did on Monday!

Perseida (whose hair was changed by me to the same colour as her Dad's, and to a different style - ALL toddler girls get the same style by default in my game, and I was bored with it) loves to play with her toy bricks.

On Friday, Edwin stays home (he has the day off anyway) to look after Perseida while his sister and her boyfriend go to work. He makes use of the time when the little girl is asleep or happily busy with her toy bricks and studies for his next promotion.

When the two of them return from work, they are both Superstars - for once, they are on the same level in their careers. Tina Traveller has been jogging around the neighbourhood and is greeted by Roxie.

Roxie does, by the way, her share of looking after Perseida as well. Strictly speaking, she is not at all related to the little girl, but she and Jonah live together as a couple, and so his daughter is treated as hers.

On Saturday, once again Edwin stays home to study and take care of Perseida, while Jonah and Roxie leave for work.

Today, they come home with Jonah being promoted to Assistant Coach and Roxie being very hungry!

On Sunday, the three of them sit down for a meal together for the first time this week.

Roxie catches up with Jonah, she's now an Assistant Coach, too.

Upstairs, little Perseida has just been given her membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories. She must be the youngest member they ever had! And of course, she can't even go there yet.

A few hours later, though, Perseida grows into a child. The pink dress can stay, but I am going to change her hairstyle again. There already are several girls in New Max with this style.

So far, there has been one empty room on the top floor; between the master bedroom's bathroom and the gym room. This is now turned into Perseida's room, and since she age-transitioned into a pink dress, pink is the domineering colour of her room.

The other half of her room.

Sunday evening sees Jonah, Roxie and Edwin all studying for their next promotions, and Perseida sleeping upstairs.

How long until the three adults will have reached their LTWs? Is Edwin going to meet some nice lady, or will he never get over Delilah (who married Kevin Beare)? How is Perseida going to do at school? Find out when we'll visit this household again when I reach "S" as in "Sharpe" on the alphabetical list.


  1. Exciting round. I love little Perseida, she's so cute.
    I also like your renovation of the old Grunt house- I've always enjoyed playing that house once it's been moved around for easier traffic flow. Sims are silly when it comes to a fire aren't they? Jumping around and screaming- lol.
    I hope Edwin finds himself a nice girl soon.

    1. Edwin doesn't really seem to miss anyone special in his life, he does not show any romantic wishes. But that could change, of course, with the onset of spring late in their next week!

      I've left the house as it was, with the main entrance to the side. Didn't even know you can move the pre-made lots around! The passageways upstairs are very narrow, though, and more than once were blocked by little Perseida when she wanted to crawl to her Daddy or to the potty.

    2. I didn't mean you could move the lot, I just meant I always renovate it. I take some of the walls out upstairs to make better walkways, and the same downstairs. :)

    3. Thanks for explaining :-) Yes, especially the upstairs walls are not ideally placed.

  2. Wow, Roxie really isn't very good at looking after herself, is she? Nice going with the meal for the welcome committee! At least its a way to get talked about by your new neighbours :)

    1. Ha ha I can imagine the conversations the neighbours have later about the newcomers :-)

  3. I like that you're renovating the rooms to fit the sims preferred colours :)

    1. It is a good way to decide on a colour scheme :-)


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