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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Pleasant Family: Week 4

- - - Update 25.12.2011 - - - While Angela and Lilith were at college, Mary-Sue and Daniel have slowly adapted to the new situation, and eventually (and after some apologies), she has forgiven her husband. After all, they both did not want to throw away so many years of marriage. Daniel is now 63 and Mary-Sue 61.

He has learnt to appreciate his wife and not take her for granted, and she enjoys the attention he gives her now.

On Monday, Angela moves back in with her parents. Her twin-sister Lilith has moved in with her sweetheart, David Ottomas, and his large family. Angela has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama. She does not really need a college diploma to fulfill her lifetime want, but college in itself provided her with great possibilities for making new friends - and friends she did make, doubling the number of best friends she had before college.

Of course, she does not wait long before asking her sweetheart to move in! Puck Summerdream is happy to be with his love. He has not really made any progress towards his own lifetime want of having 20 best pet friends. No Sim has managed this in my game yet.

Still on Monday, Mary-Sue is promoted to Judge. She now wants to earn 37.500 Simoleons.

Puck and Angela have two bolts for each other. One of Angela's turn-ons is custom hair, and so Puck changes his hair from his natural ginger to something more luminous.

One of his turn-ons is formal wear, but when Angela dresses up for him in this beautiful ball gown, they still remain at two bolts. Puck is now going to work on his athletic skill and Angela on her creativity; maybe that will make a three-bolt couple out of them.

On Tuesday, Mary-Sue takes up a new hobby: Robotics.

Angela has just made her 15th best friend.

Uh-oh... this is only Puck's second day with the Pleasants, and he has already set the kitchen stove on fire! Why did he cook at all, I wonder, when there is Daniel in the house who once was well on his way to becoming a Celebrity Chef?

He should rather focus on his lifetime want and does so very early on Wednesday morning, when he becomes friends with Charlie...

...and a few hours later with Sake.

Mary-Sue has made 10 toy robots and is now awarded her Bronze badge for Robotics.

The couple have now started to both sleep in the same bed again, much to the relief of Angela and Puck.

On Thursday, Puck meets Tramp, but the beautiful white wolf does not stay long enough for him to make friends.

And again! Puck does not seem to have learnt from his experience with the stove on Tuesday.

Mary-Sue is now a Senator, and her next big wish is to earn 50.000 Simoleons.

"I hear you are doing very well with making more best friends, Angela!"

It is Friday, and Puck has invited his family over. Their dog, Cyan, comes along, too. He was Puck's first (and so far only) best pet friend.

The Summerdreams and the Pleasants are polite and friendly with each other. After all, their families could one day be tied together by marriage (if Angela and Puck ever take that step).

Puck gives his mother a present; it is one of the HydroBots Mary-Sue has been making.

On Saturday, Angela has 16 best friends.

On Sunday, Puck meets and befriends Kim. Later that day, Mary-Sue indeed manages to cross the 50.000-Simoleons-threshold.

Daniel is now 70, and through his almost constant painting (Mary-Sue then sells the finished painting to help her towards her lifetime want) is now able to be "in the zone". Mary-Sue is 68 and has just made her Silver Robotics badge.

Well - Silver Badge or not, sometimes the CleanBot breaks and starts to spit out trash instead of cleaning up.

How many days until Angela will have reached her lifetime want of having 20 best friends? Is Daniel going to live to be 80? Will Mary-Sue make 100.000 Simoleons? And is Puck ever going to make any progress towards his lifetime want?


  1. Puck & Angela- there's an interesting combination! I wonder if they will get hitched?
    I'm willing Daniel to live to 80, and Mary-Sue too! :)

    1. Well, things don't always turn out for our Sims how we imagine :-)

  2. Peace restored! The robots are fun but usually I don't have the patience to let my sims learn robotics!

    1. I must admit I find the robots fun only for so long; they tend to bore me after a while.


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