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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Guy Wrightley and Zoe Zimmerman: Week 1

We have reached the last household on the alphabetical list of New Maximiliania's residents: Wrightley, Guy. Guy was one of the original first generation playable students and lived at a fraternity during his uni years. He has recently graduated Summa Cum Laude in History and now wants to find a job in the Military career, in order to fulfill his lifetime want, that of being General.

This apartment complex is where he has rented a flat; his is the one on the bottom left. But wait a minute... did I say this is the last household on the alphabetical list? Wasn't there someone else's name after Wrightley?

Indeed there was - Zoe Zimmerman's name! She and Guy have been best friends for a long time... but so far, they had not even been flirting with each other. When Guy invites Zoe over, this is how he greets her, and instantly after that kiss, the two of them are a red-hearts couple and show two bolts. Zoe moves in with Guy and adds a comfortable 14.401 Simoleons to their now joint account.

Guy grills hot dogs for the whole lot of them to celebrate Zoe's move-in - all of their neighbours are former students, and they already knew some of them at university.

Still on Monday, Zoe reaches her lifetime want of having 20 best friends - she is now on Permanent Platinum, 22 days from Elderhood.

The two of them retreat to their bedroom early, and talk well into the night.

On Tuesday, Zoe goes shopping for clothes. The colder season has started, and her short skirt and off-the-shoulder top won't do.

On Wednesday, I leave them pretty much to their own devices. Here, Zoe is making chili con carne while Guy is frying a burger for himself.

They do have a shower upstairs, but no - Guy obviously can't be bothered to climb the stairs, and opts for a sponge bath at the kitchen sink instead. It is Thursday, and he still has not found a job in the Military career.

Finally on Friday morning, he is lucky and lands a position as Senior Officer. He needs a mechanical, a charisma and a body skill point if he wants to be promoted, but he does not have time to start on any of that before he is picked up for work.

A proud and happy Guy is heading off to the first day on the new job!

In the afternoon, he knuckles down with a book about mechanics. The neighbours - here Romeo Monty - often drop in without being invited, but neither Guy nor Zoe do mind.

On Saturday, the Landlord hosts his weekly apartment block party. Everyone enjoys slices of pizza and friendly conversation.

If Zoe and Guy are left to their own devices, they kiss and hug frequently.

Sunday is spent cosily at home, with Zoe writing her diary and Guy repairing the computer. She is now 15 days from Elderhood and Guy 22 days. They are still on two bolts, although Guy's turn-ons are blond hair and formal wear, and I have made Zoe change into a formal dress several times - still, they stay at 2 bolts. Zoe's turn-ons are fitness AND fatness - maybe because one excludes the other, they can't reach 3 bolts; who knows!

When will Guy have a promotion? Is Zoe to take up a hobby, now that she is on Permanent Platinum and has not much to do? 

Anyway, this round is complete - and I am very much looking forward to starting the next! [Note: this was played and written a long time ago - Zoe and Guy are still the last household on the list, so after their next week, it really will be the end of this round.]


  1. Zoe did great to reach her LTW already. Her and Guy seem like a nice couple- I've often played him but rarely her.
    It's funny how the turn on/off's often negate each other isn't it? I admit I use the vial's to change them around sometimes.
    Looking forward to the next week!

    1. She is one Sim-week older than Guy and lived for one week on her own in New Max before joining him at his apartment, and already made many friends while at uni. If I can retrieve her first week, I will upload that one as well.
      So far, I have not changed any of my Sims' turn-ons/offs, but it really is funny sometimes!

  2. I lol'd at the fitness and fatness wants - how on earth can that work ?! :) I sometimes change the turn on/offs for my sims, but usually to remove the ones related to aliens or supernaturals since I don't play them in my hood.

    1. Yes, the turn-ons and turn-offs are not always logical, are they!

  3. Another nice couple! Fun that you play each last name separately even if they live in the same house. It makes some sense anyway if you're fair to them all :)

    1. It makes for a bit of variety, some households age faster than others that way.


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