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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Guy Wrightley and Zoe Zimmerman: Week 2

 It is the beginning of their second week together for Guy Wrightley and Zoe Zimmerman.
Remember, Zoe has been on Permanent Platinum since last Monday. For most of the time, I am not going to control her; the only exceptions are when other New Maximilianians walk by and I tell her to greet them, when bills need paying, and in order to maintain her friendships I am going to make her talk to three different friends of hers on the phone every day.
Guy goes to work, while Zoe can do all day whatever she feels like doing.Sometimes, that even means preparing herself a meal :-)
Guy comes home with a promotion to Commander.
His coming home has distracted Zoe, it seems, and she has left the chili she was making unattended. Of course, this can only mean one thing...
Fire!!! But the apartment has a fire alarm, and the fire brigade arrives moments after this picture was taken. The flames are extinguished, and no harm is done other than a pan of burnt chili.
Pleasant Servo, the first and - so far - only Servo in all of New Max, walks past and is greeted by Zoe. After that one visit, he keeps ringing Zoe almost every day for the rest of the week.
Zoe has actually managed to make herself a dish of salmon without burning it :-)
Guy needs more body points if he wants to be promoted again. While he does his Yoga exercises, Zoe plays with the jack-in-the-box that I found in her inventory. She must have bought it at Sophie Jocques' toy shop.
Zoe is rather good at keeping the place clean; I never tell her to do that, and yet she cleans the toilet, shower, sink and kitchen counters several times during the week. Guy prefers to repair the sink himself instead of requesting the repair from the landlord; he needs more mechanical points anyway.
All the hard work pays off when on Tuesday, Guy is promoted to Astronaut (still in his Commander's uniform here).
On Wednesday, while Guy is at work, Zoe takes one of the two kites off the wall (I found that in her inventory, too) and tries to fly it. At first, she is not very successful.
But soon, the kite is up in the air, and Zoe obviously enjoys herself quite a bit.
Guy makes a dashing figure as an astronaut, Zoe thinks. She is not quite well; in fact, almost the entire week, either she or Guy or both of them are ill.
As you can see, that cough must be quite painful.
On Wednesday, Timothy Riley is greeted by Zoe.
He is closely followed by Wilma Williamson...
...and Barry Beaker.
While Guy, now home from work, brushes up on his mechanical skill, Timothy and Wilma have a chat. Timothy obviously is impressed with Wilma's good grades.
On Thursday, suddenly a loud noise fills the sky: a helicopter is landing on the road in front of the apartment building! Is it the DeBateaux 'copter, with the pilot having missed their own helipad?
No - it is Guy, the Astronaut-cum-General! He has been lucky with a chance card today and, although he was still lacking quite a few skill points, was promoted to General. Now, 19 days from Elderhood, he has reached his LTW.
With both him and Zoe being on PermaPlat, I hardly interfere with the goings-on at this household anymore. All the more I like observing how much in love these two are with each other!
Friday morning (still so early that it almost counts as Thursday night), Zoe makes herself salmon for breakfast.
Later, when Guy is up as well and prepares an omelette, she is in the kitchen with him, cleaning the counter.
In the early afternoon, she meets and greets Pauline Aspir.
Later, Björn Beaker and Charlie Cho are invited in as well. Guy, certainly not the best of hosts, has just finished eating a bowl of chili - which he made only for himself, not as a group meal.
For most of the week, Zoe has been quite good not only at keeping the place clean and tidy without me telling her to, but also at looking after herself. Now, though, she is on the brink of starvation. What is she going to do?
Washing up... and complaining about nearly starving, in spite of having a well-stock fridge standing right behind her!
Instead of getting food from the fridge, she goes back to the living room where she sits down on the floor and writes her diary.
Only when her hunger bar is so low down and red I think she'll die any moment does she finally make herself an omelette.
Saturdays on apartment lots mean landlord-hosted parties for all tenants, and this apartment building is no exception. Zoe and Guy mingle with the other tenants, namely the Monty brothers, Mercutio and Romeo.
On Sunday, Albany Capp and his son Hal are their guests for the day - they turned up independently of each other.
The week ends with Guy and Zoe on the settee, talking to each other.

This really was the last household to be played this round - I can't believe I have finally completed it! 
It does not yet mean the end of the stories for this round, though; I have managed to retrieve some of the older stories I had thought lost, and will post them over the next few days. And eventually, I am going to start the next round, hoping you, my precious few readers and even more precious few commenters stay with me :-)


  1. Congrats to Guy for getting his TOC. He makes a dashing astronaut with his funny features doesn't he?
    I'm glad Zoe didn't starve- how funny sims are sometimes, often when they aren't even hungry they go making Lobster and yet other times they are near starvation. lol.
    I can't wait for you to start the next round- and of course I shall be following along. :)

    1. Not sure yet when I'll start the next round; I think I'll play Sims3 for a while now before getting back to New Max.
      Yes, illogical behaviour seems to be a trademark of our Sims :-)

  2. Zoe didn't want to mess up the kitchen with cooking, I bet!

    1. He he never thought of that, but maybe you have a pont :-)


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