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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: At La Fiesta Tech - Part IV

- - - Update 2.5.2010 - - - Now we know who is taking the empty rooms at the dorm, bringing the number of playable students up to eight again: Benvenuto (left) and Brent (right) Broke, Brandi Broke's youngest sons - the twins were born after their father had died, and the only "dad" they know is Leod McGreggor, and life on the farm.
Angela Pleasant is not only pleasant by name, but also makes sure she gets to know the newcomers during their first meal at the cafeteria. "I don't know yet what I am going to declare my major in," Benvenuto confesses. He later decides on Art, which is apparently considered helpful for his career as future Media Magnate.
His twin brother Brent dreams of raising 20 puppies and kittens and finds the Biology major most suitable for his lifetime want. During his very first evening, he sets eyes on fellow student Sandra Roth...
...and is smitten :-) (I must admit I did that. They both have the same lifetime want, and so I am determined to let them try the "impossible" together.) Looks like Tessa Ramirez is attracted to the newcomer, too!

While Puck Summerdream and Benvenuto get to know each other over a game of chess, Puck receives his membership card to "Games of Glory".

The relationship between Brent and Sandra is progressing nicely :-)

"Soon it'll be time for us to move back to New Max," Lilith remarks over breakfast. She and her twin sister Angela are in their last year.

Brent! You are already thinking of marriage!! Well, maybe you should at least finish your term paper first, don't you think so?

"Puck, are your pointed ears Alien heritage? I've often wondered, you know..." such are the topics of conversation among the students :-)

Brent often calls back at the farm to see how things are going. "All our trees thriving, Dad?" Sure - with a plantsim to take care of them!

Sally's lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous lovers. She is now going to start to work on that in earnest. First, she invites over Mickey Dosser and his fraternity "brother" Francis J. Worthington.

And it does not take her long to make him No. 2 on her list! (No. 1 is Tessa Ramirez, if you remember.)

Actually, her true No. 1 was Hal Capp - when they were both teenagers. But Sally is older than Hal and, with some regret, has to recognize that the love they used to share is not there anymore. Well, Hal is going to grow up eventually, too, and maybe then they can rekindle the old flame.

No. 3 is Ajay Loner, an old friend of Sally's.

The first semester of the year ends for Sandra, Puck, Tessa, Lilith and Angela with an A+, as expected.

To "celebrate", Sally knows no better way than making Rick Contrary her No. 4. Bottom Summerdream has come to see her older brother.

The Broke twins have just successfully finished their first semester, at the same time as Sally, only that for her it was of course not the first semester. You can tell she is happy to have more male students live at the dorm again!

Brent and Sandra usually make sure to eat together, holding hands and kissing a lot.

Sally has caught a cold.

Undeterred, she maximizes her logic skill the next day, while playing chess with Brent.

Uh-oh! Ah yes, those Sims and their free will... That bloody cow flirted with Brent (unprovoked by him) while Sandra was watching...

...and of course, she wouldn't have it!

Now they make sure to sit as far apart from each other as possible when they happen to eat in the cafeteria at the same time. (This really happened.)

Meanwhile, Sally is successfully adding Daniel Bell to her list; he is her No. 5. That is 1/4 of her lifetime want achieved.

No. 6 is Beau Broke, come to check on his younger brothers and how they are getting on at uni.

Puck, Tessa, Lilith, Angela and Sandra have finished the spring term...

...and for the Pleasant twins, it was their very last exam ever! Angela leaves first. She has just graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama.

Lilith is not her twin for nothing - same major, same result, and now she is moving back to New Max, too.

Sally's true love is Romeo Monty. He is her three-bolt-man, but they both know they can not be together properly while Sally is not yet ready to settle down with just one guy. She loves him truly, though, and he is her "Magic Seven", as she calls it when she adds him to her list that sunny afternoon.

Brent and Benvenuto have just finished their first year and are now Sophomores. Sally and Tessa are Seniors, while Puck and Sandra are Juniors. We are now back to six students here.
Who are the next two newcomers going to be? Are Sandra and Brent going to be successful in patching up their shattered relationship? Is Sally going to keep adding more lovers to her list? There is only one way to find out - I have to keep playing, and you'll have to keep reading my updates :-)


  1. Replies
    1. It did make things a little less boring ;-)

  2. That stupid cow. They have hurt multiple relationships in my dorms too. If the jealously wasn't so crazy high it might not be as bad, but it does make for interesting updates. :)

    1. That's true, and possibly the reason why it was programmed thus!


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