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Monday, 14 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: The Oresha Hoh Var Fraternity

[Note: I played and wrote this in November 2011]

We are back at the Oresha Hoh Var Fraternity with, sadly, all my former entries gone. Some things have changed here since our last visit, others have not, so let's do a quick check on who is currently living here.
Guy Wrightley and Mickey Dosser are the only residents right now. Guy has just started his Senior Year, while for Mickey, it is the second half of the Junior Year. Guy's lifetime want is to become General; his aspiration is Popularity. Mickey is a Romance Sim with 3 bolts for Jessie Pilferson; he dreams of being a Professional Party Guest (does he really need to graduate for that?).
Right after the start of the semester, Guy invites his friend and long-term fraternity member over - to stay! Frances J. Worthington III joins the fraternity house, adding 13.795 Simoleons to their account. He is a Fortune Sim and is determined to have 6 pets reaching the top of their career tracks once he has graduated and moves to New Max. Do you remember where Frances lived until now?
This comfortable house with swimming pool was all his!
It was quite a lonely life, though, and therefore Frances did not have to think twice about Guy's invitation to move to the fraternity house.
"I hope we will also help each other with our studies," Frances says when they all sit in the kitchen for some Mac & Cheese later. Well... you can see the enthusiasm on Guy's and Mickey's faces, can't you...!

...and Mickey each have their own spacious bedroom upstairs, but so far, they always spend their nights alone.

During the day, they usually have guests; sometimes they invite fellow students over, like Puck Summerdream here and Tessa Ramirez (at the computer), whereas others come uninvited, like the cheerleader and the cow mascot who regularly start fighting as soon as they set eyes on each other.

Frances asks his closest female friend over: The atrociously evil witch Emmy Despret. They met on a community lot when Frances still lived on his own, and somehow Emmy must have taken a liking to the young man who showed no fear of her - she rang almost every day, and they became friends.

Frances finally asks Emmy to teach him the way of the Dark...

...and she complies with his wish, turning him into a Warlock. For now, Frances is going to be too busy with his academic tasks and won't have time to explore his magic skills, but he is probably going to dabble in the dark arts after graduation.

Speaking of which - Guy is only one semester away from graduating, while Mickey has just completed his Junior Year successfully.

Frances has just received his membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Mickey has finally become REALLY fit! Do you remember how chubby he was at the beginning?

Frances is now a member of My Muse II - Art Studio.

Mickey makes his Bronze Pottery badge.

And Guy has graduated Summa Cum Laude in History!

Bye, Guy! We will visit you when you have settled in New Maximiliania, and wish you the very best for your Military career! Now only Mickey and Frances remain at the Fraternity House. Will they find another live-in member? I don't know yet - but I hope so!

- - - Update 7.11.2010 - - - Mickey Dosser has just begun is very last semester...

...while for Francis, it is the start of the Senior Year.

Mickey's 3-bolt-love for Jessie Pilferson remains unchanged, and he is happy when she has time to come over. Not very long now until he will graduate and move to New Maximiliania, where, undoubtedly, these two will live together.

It feels good to write one's VERY LAST term paper EVER!!!

The eternal rivalry between Cheerleader and Cow Mascot remains unchanged.

Mickey has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Art.

The outfit he age-transitions into is not really practical, but he will change that once he arrives in New Maximiliania. (I forgot to give Mickey his share of the accumulated grant money, but he need not worry; Jessie has enough money to give them both a good start, plus he is going to work his way up the Slacker career very soon, I hope.)

Now Frances is all on his own; that's not really the idea behind a Fraternity House, is it? He decides to visit as many community lots as possible, in order to meet other students; not only so that they can join the fraternity, but also because so far, he has not yet met a girl he is really interested in.

There are certainly enough students hanging out at the LFT Student Union, but none of them is from New Maximiliania.

Frances gets on his broomstick again and flies elsewhere.

The corner shop is his next stop...

...but the same experience is repeated: plenty of students, but no New Maximilianians.

What about the gym?


And the Wasteland Lounge? Again, none of our playable students is making an appearance, and so Frances goes home as lonely as he arrived.

He graduates Magna Cum Laude in Economics.

The last thing he does before moving to New Maximiliania is to invite Edwin Sharpe over. Edwin has been a friend for a long time, and Frances asks him to pledge - even though Edwin will (for now) be the only member of the Oresha Hoh Var Fraternity, maybe he will manage to recruit new members, and hopefully will find a way to save the Fraternity House. (I have never tried this before and so I have no idea what will happen to Edwin now) Anyway, we'll find out soon enough, I am sure!


  1. I do love playing this Greek house- it's not exactly conducive to study but certainly ready for partying. (Which is what Uni is all about eh?) Certainly for Mickey- he'll be an expert party goer even before he becomes one officially.
    I think you have to have at least one Sim reside in the Greek house for another member to move there but I'm not sure- I haven't done that in ages.

    1. Yes, I think at least one Sim has to live there for the Greek house to be still functional. It's been a long time since I played there, and copying the story in here was quite nostalgic for me!

  2. Desolate house indeed, looking forward to the guys' futures, which we have seen already, I guess :)

    1. Yes, they have all moved on since I played and wrote this chapter.

  3. These guys had a much more interesting uni experience. I'll be happy to see how their lives go from here.

    1. Some of them have maintained their friendships, but not all - just like it happens in real life.


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