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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: The Sharpe Siblings and Jonah Powers

[Note: I played and wrote this in August 2009, before the other events you can find under the label "Sharpe" and "Powers" took place.]

Welcome, dear readers and followers of the events in New Maximiliania, to another (overwritten) chapter about the Maxis-made students. All Maxis-made campus neighbourhoods have been added to New Max unchanged, which means there are three of them: Sim State University, Académie La Tour and Fiesta Tech. The relationships among the students have remained intact, as well as the original set-up of households. As in New Max, I play each household in alphabetical order of the members' surname. We are still at the Académie Le Tour, and this chapter deals with the inhabitants of this rented property:
Edwin Sharpe, who is now in his Sophomore Year... (Edwin has, as you can see, undergone a make-over. That is the work of his fiancée, Delilah O'Feefe. Delilah moved in with Edwin for a short period - until I played one of the sorority houses and, forgetting that Delilah already lived here with her sweetheart, had her move in at the sorority house. Oh well!)
...his older sister Roxie and her boyfriend Jonah Powers. Jonah and Roxie are both in their Junior Year now. The house has been completely meksercized, as you will notice if you have ever played this house yourself.
In the chapter that was now overwritten, a dramatic accident had occured at the Sharpe/Power house: The campus coach came too close to a burning heap of leaves in the garden, and died in the flames, in spite of Edwin's frantic attempts to rescue him. Ever since, the coach's tombstone had been in the garden, and now Jonah thinks it is about time to move the grave to where it should be: at Gamesend Grounds. There, so far, has been only one grave: that of Herbert Oldie.
Jonah stays on the community lot for a little while, meeting several New Maximilianias: Elizabeth Aspir, Opal Contrary (the white-haired lady), Sarah Love, Matthew Hart and Natasha Una (the redhead).
Back at the house, Edwin receives his membership card to the Platinum Gym. Who would have thought that at the start of the game, when Edwin was still nicknamed "Dorky Ed", with his ugly haircut, unfashionable specs and excess pounds?
 A little later, Jonah gets his membership card to the Platinum Gym, too.
One evening, a male cow mascot comes visiting - uninvited, as is the habit of both mascots and cheerleaders - and flirts with Jonah, who, in a bout of silliness, flirts back!! I didn't actually see it happening, because I was watching Edwin at the other side of the house, but I noticed something was going wrong and went checking on Jonah and Roxie just in time to see Jonah being caught "cheating" (well, not really!!) by a furious Roxie!
That night, Roxie kipped out on the settee, while Jonah spent the night alone in their double bed.
Over the next few days, they hardly acknowledged each other's presence, until they "happened" to be in the kitchen for breakfast at the same time, and Roxie finally suggested they end this silly drama and behave like adults again.
Jonah apologized - more than once.
Meanwhile, Edwin has been keeping to himself, studying hard, jogging and talking to his friends on the phone, and finished the first semester of his Sophomore Year successfully.
So did Jonah and Roxie, several hours later. When they arrived back home from their exams, it started to snow...
[...and when darkness fell, Jonah grabbed his Roxie and planted a big reconciliatory kiss on her lips.
Peace restored, things went back to normal at the house. Roxie received her membership card to "My Muse II - Art Studio". The girl at the computer is Tiffany Sampson, she passed by, and was of course invited in.
With Edwin's high level of fitness, he could well afford tucking in heartily when they had pancakes for breakfast. Some Christmas decoration was put up, as you can see, but always keeping in line with the colour scheme.
The same was true for the kitchen.
Spring arrived, and Edwin was glad to see his sister and her boyfriend being very much in love again.
He completed his Sophomore Year with a spot on the Dean's List and a 1.200 Simoleons grant, followed some hours later by Roxie and Jonah who were now about to start their Senior Year. Has patching up worked properly for Jonah and Roxie, or will there be more dramas? When is Edwin going to see his fiancée again? We will find out together, eventually :-)
- - - Update 10.10.2009 - - - The first semester of Edwin's Junior Year starts off with him receiving his membership card to the My Muse II - Art Studio.
On one of the sunny days in early spring, the three housemates walk to the "Here Or Else" grocery store to stock up on their groceries - and, of course, also because they hope to meet some more of their fellow students and future neighbours in New Maximiliania. 
Roxie did not expect to find her three-bolt-man at a groceries shop, but this is exactly what happens: she talks to Gunnar Roque, a Fiesta Tech graduate, and discovers that she feels a three-bolt-attraction to him (with her current boyfriend Jonah there are only 2 bolts).
Hmm... Edwin, you can do better than that, come on! Are you a Knowledge Sim or not?
The semester ends with an A+ for Edwin, but somehow he does not look very happy about it. Maybe he misses his girlfriend Delilah...?
"To your last Semester, sis!" Edwin exclaims when he and his sister sit down for a hamburger and pep it up with a glass of sparkling wine.
The first harvest from their recently planted apple tree turns out to be bland, but they keep the fruit nonetheless.
Jonah gets his membership card to "Games of Glory".
Up in the attic, Edwin starts on his new hobby: sewing.
Without any further interesting things to report. the semester ends. Jonah and Roxie both graduate Summa Cum Laude, and Jonah moves to New Maximiliania first...
...followed only a little later by Roxie. Now Edwin is all on his own. Will he stay alone? Or is Delilah coming back? Or... is he going to find himself a three-bolt-lady? I don't know yet! :-)
- - - Update 26.3.2012 - - - I can't believe it was 2 1/2 years ago I last played Edwin Sharpe! Well, he still lives here on his own, with his sister Roxie and her boyfriend Jonah having moved to New Maximiliania after their graduation. Edwin has just started his Senior Year.
When he is not at class, studying or talking to one of his friends on the phone, he still pursues sewing, the hobby he has taken up the previous year. He now has the Bronze talent badge.
Of course, he also diligently works on his term paper.
As is so often the case, one of the trees in the yard is hit by lightning and catches fire. The rain quickly puts out the flames, though.
The second semester of his Senior Year - and his last semester ever! - sees Edwin working on his charisma skill.
Before he can start writing his last term paper ever, the computer needs repairing; Edwin attempts to do this himself, but gets electrocuted. More painful than that looks his right arm through the wall, doesn't it!
He goes to bed, in spite of badly needing food AND a shower as well. When he gets up the next morning, I decide to leave it up to him what he wants to do next. He has a bath first and then a bag of cookies.
He goes to class and comes back, very tired and hungry, goes to bed and gets up in the early morning, painting instead of fixing himself some breakfast - all the while complaining about being hungry!
The apple tree needs spraying...

...the bills want paying and the leaves raking, but Edwin goes to class.

He finally graduates Summa Cum Laude and obviously is happy about that, but look at his red plumbbob - he has not had a proper meal in a long time!

I have enough of his unreasonable behaviour and make him throw a graduation party. He invites his friends Mitch Indie, Matthew Hart, Frances J. Worthington and Delilah O'Feefe, as well as his sister Roxie and her boyfriend, Jonah Powers.

Roxie kindly makes hamburgers for everyone.

Finally, Edwin gets something other than cookies to eat! Roxie mentions that, now that he has graduated, he could come live with them for a while, at least until he finds his own feet in New Max.
Will he do that? And will he find the hard worker with the logical mind and the not-black hair who should be the woman of his dreams? Another chapter will give some answers :-)


  1. Looks like you really changed up Roxie's look. I'll have to check out what happened to them as time progressed for sure. It's fun to see these looks back to long ago. :)

    1. I never liked her original look. Blondes just look perfect in pale blue, don't they!

  2. Nice and studious young man, and amazing that Roxie and Jonah graduated SCL! In my hood they live in chaos on academic probation and even had twin babies on campus - I still don't know how that will pan out :)

    1. No babies on campus in my game (as you need a hack for that), but somehow it suits them, I guess :-)


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