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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Alexander Goth and Tara DeBateau

[Note: I played and wrote this in February 2012, before the previous posts from the Goth-Roseland-household.]

There is only one member of the Goth family still living in New Maximiliania who carries that name - Mortimer has died long ago, and Cassandra married Cyd Roseland, becoming Mrs. Roseland. So of course you know who is left, and has just moved into one of the apartments in this building:

Alexander Goth. He has graduated Summa Cum Laude in History and now all he needs to do in order to fulfill his lifetime want is to find someone to marry and then wait until they are both elders, so that the Golden Anniversary can be celebrated. Who is that someone going to be?

Well, for now, Tara DeBateau, who Alexander has been in love with for a long time, moves in. She leaves the DeBateau City Palace and joins Alexander here, bringing 20.038 Simoleons. Maybe you remember from the chapter about the DeBateau family that she has reached her lifetime want of being World Class Ballet Dancer when she was still 23 days from Elderhood. Her father, Armand DeBateau, has moved out of the DeBateau City Palace before her and has recently married Chastity Gere. At the City Palace, only Beaumont DeBateau (Armand's resurrected Zombie-father) remains, along with several dogs and a cat.

Alexander's apartment is really tiny, but there is enough space for two, and the couple are not planning on having children.

On the flat roof of the apartment building, there are always some other residents of the building gathered around the bar or the stereo, like Tessa Ramirez, Mercutio Monty and Sandra Roth.

Tara is happy - living with Alex is much better than sharing a big house with her Zombie grandfather, even though she does not have her own ballet room here.

"I am so glad it is just the two of us here," she sighs happily over breakfast the next morning. In truth, her teenage years were quite turbulent, what with the resurrection of her grandparents, and then her grandfather having his new love move in, while her grandmother moved into the converted garage where she spent her days painting, and her father never being quite lucky with his lady friends.

Later that day, Alexander pays a visit to Freya's Rayments; it is autumn, and with the nights getting cooler, he and Tara should certainly dress accordingly.

I think this outfit is better than the slightly tacky white suit he age-transitioned into!

And Tara's dress is just too cute - it is a bit like some stuff I wear in real life, just not the same colours :-)

Still on Tuesday, Alexander invites Tara for a meal at the "Londoste", one of the more expensive restaurants in New Maximiliania.

While they are waiting for their food to arrive, he tenderly carresses her hand...

...then suddenly withdraws his hand, fumbles about in his pocket...

...and puts a velvet-covered box on the table in front of Tara...

...who opens it to find the most beautiful diamond ring - a Goth family heirloom, I am sure! ...

...she finds that the ring fits her perfectly...

...and we have an engaged Alexander and Tara! Congratulations!

Really, Mrs. Crumplebottom, there is NO reason for you to make such a sour face!

Maybe a drink will help... of course she has to explain to the bartender exactly how she wants her Simtini.

Alex and Tara, unfazed by Mrs. Crumplebottom's problems, enjoy their nectarine tartelette and layer cake.

I like this picture of home life at the apartment!

Something strange happened here: Klara Vonderstein has been at the apartment building for DAYS now, I don't know who invited her. She danced on the flat roof, she drank at the bar, and somehow did not find her way home. She had some toilet accidents on the roof top and complained about lack of food, lack of sleep and lack of a shower, but never went home. I had Alexander call her over, hoping that maybe by coming downstairs she would find her way out. Instead, she collapsed and fell asleep on the floor in the apartment, much to Alexander's worry.

After a while, they woke her and she was well enough to have a meal.

Tara said good-bye to her I don't know how many times!

After what seemed an eternity of "ask to leave" and "say good-bye", she finally DID leave. Phew!

While Tara still works as a World Class Ballet Dancer...

...Alexander does not have a job and happily spends his afternoons dancing with his co-tenants.

Oh look - it is Friday, and Klara is back again! This time, I am not attempting another rescue mission. I will see how she's doing when it is her turn to be played.

On Sunday, Alexander asks Tara to go to the "Lost in Love" Hedge Maze with him.

He enters the photo booth ahead of her...

...and they have a nice romantic picture taken.

But that's not all: it is right there and then that Alexander asks Tara to marry him! There is no party, no friends, no ceremony - just the two of them, and Tara happily says "YES!". Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Goth!

Back home, Tara starts to prepare things in the kitchen.

They have not forgotten about their friends and family! Cassandra, Alexander's older sister, has been invited...

...and Alexander is delighted to see her. (Yes, you've seen right. He is a bit on the chubby side now, but that's fine - fatness is one of Tara's turn-ons, and the two of them are a two-bolt couple ever since he gained weight.)

Some other friends, mostly from uni days, are invited as well.

Everybody joins in the toast - never mind the small size of the apartment!

On this happy note, we leave this household. Alexander will treasure the memory of a great party forever - I wonder whether they will still live here by the time they celebrate their Golden Anniversary!

[Of course, by now you know that Alexander and Tara did not stay here, but moved in with Cassandra and Cyd, where they still live today.]


  1. I think Alexander & Tara were the first couple I matched up when I played my megahood- they had a daughter (Belle) in my game and Alexander also had an alien son. Sadly my megahood got too corrupted to continue but I love reading about them in your game. :)

    1. That's sweet, them being the first couple you matched up!
      Did you create your megahood yourself or was it a download? If you created it yourself, I may have an idea as to what happened to make it so corrupted (if you don't know anyway).

    2. I wouldn't know where to start with creating my own- lol. I downloaded it from MATY. I have no idea how it corrupted though- what is your thought though because I often have 'hoods become unplayable after only a couple of generations?

    3. It depends on how the hood was created. If the person who created the hood did it "the proper way", then I have no explanation of why it would become unplayable, other than for maybe some CC or hack causing the problem.
      You read more about this here:

  2. Will you be able to keep them childless? I always have a problem with that :)

    1. No problem with that; only those Sims who need children to fulfill their lifetime wants are allowed to have them in this neighbourhood, and of course there are the Alien abductions which happen quite often in New Max :-)

  3. These two are super sweet. I've played Tara, but not Alexander yet. He will get played when we eventually make it to Pleasantview. I can't wait to see how they progressed.


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