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Monday, 21 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Chastity Gere, Part I

[Note: I played and wrote this in 2010.]

We are back for the 3rd time at Chastity Gere's house - unfortunately, her first two weeks here have been overwritten with this update. But I think you all remember her anyway, don't you?

There she is! Her lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous lovers is well under way; during the previous two weeks, she managed to tick 9 men off her list: Armand de Bateau, Marcel Jocque, Tank Grunt, Connor Weir, Geoff Rutherford, Pascal Curious, Phineaus Furley, Benjamin Baldwin and Daniel Pleasant. Although her three-bolters are Geoff and Benjamin, she has never forgotten her first love, Armand, and the two have remained best friends throughout.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Armand gets an extra-warm greeting from his friend when he asks her whether he can come over. In fact, not only does he come over, but he is here to stay: he had to move out of the DeBateau house in order to make room for the pets of his father's live-in love, Isabel Baldwin. Isabel dreamt of raising 20 puppies and kittens, and that simply was not possible with Armand himself, his parents Beaumont and Melanie, his adoptive daughter Tara and Isabel all living there. Armand asks Chastity not only for a place in her house (of course, he helps with the money), but he also asks her the biggest favour this romance-inclined Sim could ever be asked to do for another Sim:

to marry him! Chastity knows she won't make a good wife until her lifetime want is fulfilled, and Armand knows that, too. But they also both know that this is Armand's last chance of reaching his lifetime want - that of celebrating his Golden Anniversary. To reach that, he has to get married before he turns into an Elder, and that is going to happen this very afternoon. With lots of doubts and a rather heavy heart, Chastity agrees to wear Armand's ring. She loves Armand the way she loves all her men, and he was her first, but he won't be the only one, not even now that they are married. Can Armand live with that? He has not much of a choice now, does he!

While he is settling in over his first meal, Chastity is already on the phone again to one or other of her many gentleman friends.

But Armand knows Chastity is just the way she is, and she is not going to change for him; he accepts the situation and the two of them make the best of it.

At 6.00 pm on that Monday, Armand turns into an elder. He can't wait to get to the phone and throw that anniversary party!

His daughter Tara, father Beaumont and his friends Circe Beaker and Cynthia Kim are invited. The party is a success... just not the way Armand was hoping: his lifetime want remains unfulfilled. The couple repeat the party on Tuesday, still to no avail. Finally they realize Armand has made a big mistake - Chastity has to turn into an Elder, too, before the anniversary party counts towards Armand's lifetime want!
Oh dear, now what? Chastity is willing to help Armand again by staying married to him until she reaches elderhood. That will be still quite some time, and she won't keep the pursuit of her own goal in life on hold.

So, when on Wednesday morning Armand leaves for work for the first time since moving in...

...Chastity is at the phone before the door has properly closed behind Armand, and invites Antonio Monty over. He becomes No. 10 on her list - that is half her lifetime want fulfilled.

Armand won't be back until 4.00 pm, and Chastity is decent enough not to invite any lover while her husband is home; there is still enough time for Jason Larson to become her No. 11.

Poor Armand! Well, he knew what he let himself in to with Chastity, so he never complains.

And their life together isn't that bad, really. Chastity is charming, good fun to be with, and really does love Armand in her own unique way.

On Thursday, Gabe O'Mackey becomes No. 12 on Chastity's list while Armand is out working.

On Friday, she befriends Ajay Loner.

I think he won't mind becoming No. 13, but their relationship is not good enough just yet.

Alexander Goth is another potential candidate for the list.

On Saturday, Armand does not work. He has been doing a lot to improve is cooking skill and found satisfaction in that, and now he is a member at Sue's Secret Kitchen. However, he decideds to go not to the Secret Kitchen to win a cooking contest, but to Copur's Kitchen Cook-Off instead.

"I wonder whether my Grandma's Comfort Soup does stand a chance..." Armand muses while Chester Gieke is convinced his Chef Salad will be a big hit with the food judge.

Nina Caliente has prepared an elaborate salmon dish, while Titania Summerdream can't believe she has entered the same dish as Mr. Gieke. Hannah Bell is just watching.

A triumphant Armand makes frist prize with his comfort soup. Titania "knew it!" the moment she noticed Chester (who is convinced there is nothing wrong with his sample)  entering Chef Salad, too.

Armand's enthusiasm for cuisine enables him now to serve appetizers, and he surprises his wife on Sunday night with a delicious platter.

Yes, their marriage is not quite as bad as it could appear, as long as one does not place too much value on what is commonly accepted as morals. Armand is 60 now, and Chastity is going to turn into an Elder in 6 days.

Will they last long enough? And if they indeed manage to celebrate their Golden Anniversary, what will happen next? Stay tuned to find out :-)


  1. Interesting situation there. I don't think Armand has met Chastity in Megalahood, but I'm pretty sure he has a 3-bolt love. It's fun to see how things turn out so differently in each iteration of a hood. Some depends on the way we play, who we put in there, etc, but while some things feel inevitable other things can work out very differently.

    1. I agree, it is fascinating, a glimpse into "what could have been", when we all start out with the same Sims and houses etc. but some develop in totally different directions.

  2. Well, it's nice of her not to bring in her lovers under his nose! :)

    1. Still a very odd situation, and one I certainly would NOT want in real life!


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