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Monday, 14 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Stella Terrano

[Note: this was played and written in November 2009]

Once again, we are at one of the numerous apartment buildings that are to be found in New Maximiliania. Who are we going to spend the week with?

You guessed it - another college graduate :-) This is Stella Terrano, who you have of course met before while she was still studying at university. Stella's aspiration is Knowledge and she is certain her college diploma will help her towards achieving her lifetime want of becoming a City Planner. "Indeed, a good education is what every Sim should get," she advises anyone who wishes to hear it.

She furnishes her apartment and proudly displays her diploma on the wall above her desk. Money is not a problem, since she has been saving almost all her grant money during the 4 years she spent at university.

William Williamson is one of the other tenants; one of his best friends is Blossom Moonbeam, who we have just left after a week at the rented house she shares with Erik Swain and their twins Myra and Melrose. But actually, I am showing you this picture because of the burning birch tree in the middle... funny, isn't it, how unfazed William and Blossom are - they do not even look up from their chess game!

Monday evening, Erik phones Stella and asks her to join him and a group of friends downtown. Stella agrees and soon meets up with the group outside the Crypt-O-Night Club.

While she is first to try out the electro dance sphere, the other group members (Klara Vonderstein, Erik Swain, Blossom Moonbeam, Ophelia Nigmos, Heather Huffington and Tara De Bateau) check out the venue.

They have dinner at the club and watch the other guests (that's Bianca Capp, née Monty, to the left). Who is the man with the black cloak and the red hair, sat with his back to the girls?

He is a Vampire count, and apparently he finds Heather's bare neck and shoulders very attractive!

As soon as the outing ends and the taxi drops Stella off in front of the apartment building, lightning strikes her! For a moment, it looks as if she is going to die... but she manages to muster enough energy to get into the house, eat, have a shower, and finally go to bed.

Who would have expected such a fulminant start to her first week here in New Max!

On Tuesday, Stella invites Trisha Traveller and David Ottomas to join her for lunch. While the women discuss fashion, David obviously wonders about Trisha. Why would anyone be wearing their sunglasses indoors? Maybe there is something wrong with her eyes.

On Wednesday, I want to send Stella shopping for clothes. She gets into the taxi alright, but then that's it - nothing happens, and I have to go into neighbourhood view without saving. It takes me two or three attempts to find out what's stopping her from visiting a community lot: somehow, she is still part of the casual group that formed on Monday night when they went to the Crypt-O-Night Club! As soon as I dissolve that group, Stella can move freely again.

In the meantime, though, she has not been idle, but playing chess with William; the two of them have been friends for a long time and she is glad to have someone she knows well so close by.

On Thursday, Stella goes to The Frippery Frock.

After she has made her choise of outfits, she focuses on meeting people. And there are plenty there - although she is, of course, not interested in townies, but only in her fellow New Maximilianians. Jared Starchild is here, for instance.

Opal Traver, the Infallibly Good Witch, is apparently not much liked by Mrs. Crumplebottom. Look at her face!

Stella also meets Gabe O'Mackey. So far, she has not met any 3-bolt-man, but one of her turn-ons is glasses, and so it is hardly surprising that she shows 2 bolts for Gabe. Do you remember Gabe's somewhat sad story? His wife Alex met her 3-bolt-man in Matthew Picaso and had him move in with her; Gabe refused to leave the house and had his own bedroom and bathroom added as an extension. Stella manages to make him laugh, as you can see; who knows - this might be Gabe's chance for happiness!

The two of them dance together even though they have known each other mere minutes.

Later, they sit down to eat the Hot Dogs Stella has prepared, and Gabe asks her about her college time. Jared Starchild is listening - he was there, too, so he should know what Stella is talking about, shouldn't he!

Another graduate arrives at the shop, Chaz Whippler.

And the Vampire Count we have already met at the Crypt-O-Night Club puts in an appearance as well. Is Gabe impressed? Not really. "Vampire, you say? Ah, look, I have just met the most charming Alien lady you can imagine - and Vampires are so... terrestrial," he smiles.

Stella is thrilled to meet Chloe Singles - finally someone with the same skin colour as herself!

The next evening, Stella invites Gabe over. When he arrives, they greet each other almost like old friends. She is already wearing one of the new outfits she bought - certainly fitting the autumnal temperatures better than the sleeveless pink top and bermuda shorts she was wearing before.

Hamburgers and champagne? Why not? "To... friendship," Stella exclaims.

She then confesses to Gabe that she is a bit worried because so far she has not found a job in the architectural career. Gabe reassures her that she will just have to keep looking, and her dream job will turn up sooner or later.

Looks like he has something going for Stella!

Friday morning, Gabe's prediction proves to be right: Stella finds a job in her chosen career path! She can start right away as an Architectural Partner. Not bad, eh?

And thankfully, she can start on the same day and does not have to wait until the following week.

Also, the career rewards object is hers already, and Stella puts it to use as soon as she comes home from work.

Saturday is spent mostly skill-building and talking to friends on the phone (yes, Gabe O'Mackey as well), but in the evening, she joins William outside in the courtyard. They observe a skunk, and Stella tries to pet it twice - resulting only in her needing a shower really, really badly.

The only event worth mentioning about Sunday is that she receives her membership card for the My Muse II - Art Studio. How is Stella's career going to proceed the next week? Is her friendship with Gabe O'Mackey going anywhere?

[If you have been reading this blog for a while, you'll already know that Stella and Gabe never took their friendship any further. Where Stella is now and who she shares her life with you can find here and in the posts that follow.]


  1. It's so nice to see Stella's start in life when she first graduated. She had some good apartment buddies too.
    How funny that William & Blossom didn't freak out when that fire started- It's hard to figure Sims out sometimes!
    It's great to meet and greet so many people- comes in handy for the promotions. :)

    1. Yes, those were the days :-)
      Indeed, our Sims behave quite against what we expected sometimes, don't they!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a little boring, but alright.

  3. I like a nice not overly crazy update sometimes. It's nice to see her settling into town.

    1. That's true - there are plenty of other households with enough action to keep me on my toes :-D


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