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Friday, 25 October 2013

Pictures retrieved: John Mole

The original chapter I wrote about John Mole's brief time in New Maximiliania has disappeared, but I did find a few snapshots from those days, and still have my notes:
 John's house, the one Maxis meant for him.

John Mole. Now, where have I seen that look before...? ;-)

If I remember correctly (I played his household in 2008/2009), I did not change much in this house.

John's lifetime want was to become General, and he quit his first job as Crime Scene Investigator so that he was able to start as a Recruit on the Monday of his first week. My notes tell me that he made it to Junior Officer by the Friday of that first week, played in 2008, and held memberships for the Platinum Gym and Will's Garage.

 That tree was hit by lightning, I think.

One of the trees burnt completely, as did some of the piles of leaves. But that did not harm John.

He was not seriously harmed, either, when he tried to repair his trash compactor and was electrocuted.

His first week in New Max ended at the start of the Christmas season, and he put a large ornamental tree in his back yard.

Disaster struck on the Monday of his second week, played in 2009: He set a pile of leaves on fire... and accidentally himself at the same time.

There was nobody there to plead for him, and so, his short stint in New Max (and his life) ended 22 days before he would have reached Elderhood.


  1. I think I had looked at this entry before, when I played John Mole. So crazy that all of those other things didn't hard John, but setting leaves on fire got him. That seems to be a very dangerous activity in New Max. I don't think I've ever had someone set leaves on fire before.

    1. More often than not, nothing happens when I have a Sim burn a pile of leaves. I don't know how the random generator is programmed, but I guess there is a less than 10 % chance of the fire getting out of control. But of course, I only report those that went wrong... ;-)

    2. LOL.....yeah I guess that makes it feel like it happens a lot more often. :)

  2. A brief and lonely life. I hope he had some fun at least :)

    1. I wonder what would have become of him, had he lived longer.

  3. Replies
    1. I honestly can not remember, sorry!

    2. it's ok if you don't remember after all you've been playing since 2008

    3. I have! And I have just realized that next year will be New Maximiliania's 10th anniversary...!!!


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