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Monday, 21 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Chastity Gere, Part II

- - - Update 28.11.2010 - - - It is Monday morning again, and as soon as Armand has left for work, Chastity makes sure to not miss out on anything (or anyone) that can help her towards reaching her lifetime want. She meets and greets Ajay Loner.

When Frances J. Worthington happens to pass by (he is actually trying to steal the paper), Chastity greets him as well.

Ajay Loner becomes Chastity's No. 13 shortly before Armand returns from work.

Armand manages to max out his cooking skill, something he had been wanting to do for quite a while.

On Tuesday, Armand has a day off and enjoys a quiet, uninterrupted breakfast of omelette with his wife. They talk about the anniversary party he is planning to throw on Sunday.

Chastity greets Benvenuto Broke... but because Armand is at home, she refrains from starting to flirt with the handsome young man.

On Wednesday, Chastity receives her membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

On Thursday, Armand is back at work, and Chastity invites Alexander Goth over.

He gets the full treatment...

...and thus becomes the 14th name on Chastity's list.

Armand returns from work with a colleague in tow: Tom Freshe. Armand, you DID know that was going to happen, didn't you? Of course, Tom is as smitten with Chastity as is every male New Maximilianian who is past his teens.

It is Friday, and Chastity invites Cornwall Capp over. She has been "working" on him for a few days now, ringing him up sometimes twice a day in order to become friends.

And sure enough, Cornwall, who lost his wife Regan in a tragic accident with burning heaps of leaves in the garden, is soon Chastity's lover No. 15.

On Saturday, Armand does not work, and gives the yard some attention.

Over bowls of spicy chili con carne, the couple clink glasses. Why the celebratory mood?

You'll see in a minute :-)

It is Chastity's birthday, that's why!

She is still one fine-looking lady, isn't she?

Armand finally maxes out his cuisine enthusiasm while blogging.

He proudly displays his special plaque on the wall between kitchen and dining area.

Sunday morning, the Geres decorate their living room in theme with the season.

Armand has just made the phonecall that meant Permanent Platinum for him: he has invited his family over to celebrate his and Chastity's Golden Anniversary! He is now 66 years old.

Armand's father, New Maximiliania's only zombie Beaumont DeBateau, and his adoptive daughter Tara DeBateau, a World Class Ballet Dancer, are the only party guests.

Meanwhile, Chastity has decided to start working on her autobiography (which will be full of useful advice about love and romance), and is rewarded with a membership card to the Desirable Discourse.

When the party is over (it ends as roof raiser), nobody is keeping an eye on the lights on the Christmas tree anymore, and it catches fire. Thankfully, the fire alarm in the open plan kitchen alerts the firefighter, and the flames are put out quickly.

A very late guest arrives: Santa Claus enjoys a plate of cookies.

He leaves this teddy bear for the couple who is probably not going to stay a couple for much longer. Now that Armand has reached his lifetime want, will the two of them split up, so that Chastity can continue unhindered to work on her lifetime want? If yes, who is going to move out, and where? I am quite sure this is not the last we have seen of either Chastity or Armand during this round :-)


  1. The decorations look really nice in this house. I am horrible at decorating for things in my sims houses. Sometimes I do it, but it's rare. Tara is really successful in your hood, it seems she will be in Megalahood, but we've got awhile to see if that will be true.

    1. Thank you! I have to be in the mood for decorating, and sometimes I really can't be bothered.

  2. At least Armand is in Platinum now. If they love each other I'm sure they can work out a way to get Chastity (which is a hilarious name for a girl like her) to get hers. For example - don't let Armand retire yet! :)

    1. Yes, whoever at Maxis was responsible for naming her must have been in a very silly mood :-)


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