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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: The Cleveland Family

[Note: This was played and written in November 2011. For everything that happened to the Clevelands after that time, simply click on the label bearing their name.]

Welcome to this modest but comfortable house in New Maximiliania's newer part of town, the shopping district called Maximum Shopping. This area is not only a preferred shopping location for all New Maximilianians, but is also the place where all the apartment buildings and some family homes, like this one, can be found. The Clevelands have moved here from... was it Belladonna Cove where they lived originally? I think so, but it was a long time ago, and meanwhile, things have changed for this family.

We have currently living here Marissa Cleveland, age 59, a Fortune Sim who wants to become Criminal Mastermind, and her husband, whom you will meet in the next picture. Right now, Marissa is talking to her son Justin, who has just graduated from college. She tells him that she will prepare his favourite dish for him as soon as he gets here. Like all mothers, during the past four years, she was torn between feeling immensely proud of her son's academic achievements and missing him, and now she can't wait to having her boy back home.

Her husband Jason shares the same aspiration; it must be what has been holding their marriage together for all those years, as there is only one attraction bolt between them. Jason was unlucky in that he did not manage to find a job in his dream career before it was too late. He really would have loved to become a City Planner, but now he is too old to start on that, and so his days are filled with things to do around the house, talking to friends on the telephone and being a good and loving husband to Marissa. He is one year her senior.

Finally, Justin is back from college! Sorry - Jason truly loves his son and is more than happy to welcome him back home, but he is a Fortune Sim and therefore thinks of valuables even at a moment like that. Justin has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature. His lifetime want is to become Rock God, which is quite fitting for a Popularity Sim like him. Maybe you remember from his college years that he met his true love there? Jules O'Mackey and he were three-bolters from the first moment they set eyes on each other.

And now, before Justin even takes his scarf off, he calls his sweetheart over...

...and Jules jumps not only right into his arms, but also straight into the Cleveland household :-)
Back home with her parents, things are not at their best; do you recall that her mother Alex O'Mackey set up shop with her 3-bolt-lover Matthew Picaso while her husband and Jules' father, Gabe O'Mackey, refused to move out? All this made the decision easy for Jules - after an enjoyable college time, she certainly did not want to go back there, but moved in with the Clevelands instead. She has the same aspiration as Justin, but wants to become Hall of Famer. Her Summa Cum Laude in Political Sciences could come in handy there, because what is big sports these days other than politics? :-)

It is still Monday, and after the busy morning, Marissa returns from her work in the criminal career with a promotion from Counterfeiter to Smuggler.

They all sit down to toast the new and old additions to the household. Grilled cheese and champagne - well, why not?

From time to time, former fellow students of Justin's and Jules' come by, like Monika Bratford here. They are always welcome.

Justin's old room needed a bit of a change in furniture to accomodate Jules as well as himself. Both proudly display their diplomas from university, and Jules even has a special plaque for maximum enthusiasm in games.

On Tuesday, Justin is able to land himself a job as a Roadie for a famous rock band. That is a decisive step towards him becoming a Rock God one day.

Jules is less lucky but makes use of her spare time in other ways. She maximizes her body skill.

It is winter now, and with snow covering the ground in a thick white layer, a penguin appears on the Clevelands' path.

On Wednesday, Marissa receives an invitation to Will's Garage.

Jules has now also found herself a job in her preferred career path and will start in a few days as an Assistant Coach.

On Thursday, Justin is promoted to Studio Musician.

It also happens to be New Year's Eve, and the Clevelands decide to throw a New Year's bash. As it is getting dark, the guests arrive. Jules has invited her parents (from left: Alex O'Mackey and Gabe O'Mackey) and some friends (Jimmy Phoenix, Johnny Smith, Tara DeBateau and Beatrice Monty).

Justin has prepared pork chops and crêpes suzette.

They light fire crackers in the kitchen, with the guests carefully avoiding the sparks.

Everyone joins in the toasting - even Grandfather Time!

Justin then lights fireworks in the front garden. Three of the four turn out nicely...

...but the fourth explodes in his face, causing much mirth among the party guests. Don't worry, Justin was as right as rain after he had a shower.

Finally, Grandfather Time (or is it Old Father Time?) announces the end of the old year...

...and Baby New Year the start of the New Year!

Before Justin goes to bed like everyone else, he makes sure to clear up the kitchen.

On Friday, Marissa's lifetime want comes true: she is now a Criminal Mastermind and on permanent platinum, at the age of 63.

The ashes from last night's fireworks are still outside when Jules goes to work.

Jason has plenty of time (he thinks), and so he does not mind clearing up the mess.

Oh dear... I honestly think that Criminal-Mastermind-outfit does not suit a lady of your age, Marissa. Sorry!

Jason congratulates his son for his achievements. It is 5.55 pm on that Friday afternoon...

...and at 6.00 pm sharply, The Grim Reaper appears. "Is that the time? Really? You sure?" Jason can't believe his time in this world is really up. He is only 65! But there you go - there is no arguing (at least not much) with Mr. Reaper. Jason's wife is not even there to say good-bye, but Justin and Jules come rushing in when they realize what's going on in the living room.

Justin is devastated. He loved his Dad, and makes sure the tombstone is placed at Gravesend Grounds later the same day.
Jason was the 15th Sim to die in New Maximiliania. 13 of these deaths were due to old age, and two were prematurely: Mr. Mole and Regan Capp both died in a fire when they were still quite a while away from reaching Elderhood.

Life goes on, as it always does. On Saturday, Justin is promoted to Concert Pianist.

Jules is now not Assistant Coach anymore, but Coach.

When Justin is at work, Jules and Marissa sit down for a meal together. The two women are now friends. Since Jules' own mum, Alex O'Mackey, never was the most motherly type, Marissa's kind character appeals very much to the young woman, while Marissa is happy for her son to have found his three-bolt-love.

It is now spring, and Jules is given Marissa's pretty dress which she used to wear when she was younger. Jules chooses a matching lipstick and quite likes her new look. The week at the Cleveland household is over, and we will find out during the next round
- whether Jules and Justin are going to get married 
- if they both reach permanent platinum within their next week 
- what Marissa is going to do with the years ahead as a widow 

So, can I count on you to come back here with me? :-)


  1. Awww, sad that Jason died. He was pretty young, but that happens. I'll be interested to see how long he lasts in my hood. They are still in the apartment, but will be moving to a house when I get to them next. I think they will also be in a new section, but I can't remember what I put in my notes.

    1. Many of those Maxis-made Sims who were elders at the start of the game only lived to be 65, but I did expect Jason to last a bit longer, as he had a chance to fulfill many wants as an adult.
      I am looking forward to seeing the family again in your game!

    2. Yeah, I've already played their first round, so it will be a LONG time before we get back to them. I am determined to finish the prosperity challenge I started in Breeze Point, but I still have like 2 or 3 generations to go before that happens. Plenty of play for years to come if I can keep a computer running it. :)

  2. That was a very early demise for Jason! Hopefully Marissa will last longer


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