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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: At La Fiesta Tech - Part I

[Note: This was played and written in early 2009.]

With this chapter, I am overwriting the old one; when the problems with uploading stories to the exchange started, I deleted all my thumbnails, so I can not recreate the former chapter. But maybe you remember that this is one of the dorms at La Fiesta Tech, where already several students have lived, loved, studied and graduated. The current inhabitants are...

...Justin Cleveland...

...Jules O'Mackey and David Ottomas, just arrived from New Maximiliania...

...and Tara DeBateau.

Justin and Jules get along well. Very well, actually - they are a three-bolt-couple, as Jules finds out as soon as she sets foot into the dorm. What a pity that Justin is already in his last year and she is only in her first year! When he will leave uni after his graduation, she will still have three years to go.

Soon after her arrival, Jules receives her membership card to the Platinum Gym. That is hardly surprising, since she wants to be a Hall of Famer eventually. Also hardly surprising is the fact that the head of Platinum Gym can not hand over the membership card personally - Jules is having a shower, and he is not going to disturb her there.

"How wonderful that, of all the dorms with rooms available, you chose to come here; otherwise maybe we would have never met..." Justin muses over bowls of mac&cheese in the dorm's cafeteria.

He receives his membership card to "Games of Glory".

Tara likes to keep fit, which is important if she ever wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer, which is her lifetime want.

Even those students who are less fanatic about their personal fitness can not escape the campus coach... and a cold, hard, snowed-on ground outside does not count as an excuse for NOT exercising in her book!

Winter has now set in for sure, and the semester ends successfully for Justin and Tara.

During the next semester, Jules is the first one to finish her term paper. She has now chosen Political Science as her major.

Tara maximizes her logic skill.

She does not like her old outfit anymore and opts for this one, available in her wardrobe from - I think - Klara Vonderstein who used to study here, too, before moving to New Max.

It is almost time for exams again, and Jules peps herself up with a mug of steaming hot coffee before leaving.

Justin and Tara have both managed to land their names on the Dean's List again.

For Justin, it was the very last semester; he has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature and is now ready to move back to New Maximiliania and start working on his aim to becoming a Rock God.

His graduation party is a success, with his parents joining in the fun (the elderly lady on the right is Marisa Cleveland, his mother) and some of the former students being invited as well (Blossom Moonbeam with her back to the camera).

A few hours later, Jules and David finish their first year successfully.

Tara waves good-bye when Justin gets into the taxi that is going to take him to New Max. Jules, his sweetheart and 3-bolt-love, has already said good-bye and hopes that the next 3 years will pass very very quickly.

And we have two newcomers from New Maximiliania: The Pleasant twins Angela...

...and Lilith. Both are Popularity Sims, and while Angela wants to have 20 simultaneous best friends, her sister sees herself as a future Rock Goddess.

David Ottomas is still here, of course; this is his second year.

And so is Jules.

When the winter term ends and spring begins, the girls think it is about time that they change their (rather unsightly) outfits. Angela, as expected, goes for something pink...

...while Lilith chose colours matching her make-up. (These are all clothes they found in the dorm's extensive wardrobe, left behind by former studens. I think Lilith's outfit was brought here by Ophelia Nigmos.)

Tara is pleased to have finished her term paper, as you can tell!

David, who dreams of having 50 dream dates, seems to find the lady who invites him to the My Muse II - Art Studio quite attractive.

Less attractive is the fire that breaks out in the kitchen shortly after. You really should think the dorm cook knows better how to handle the kitchen stove after having worked here for several years!

Tara has finished her exam successfully.

And so have Jules and David...

...followed a little later by the Pleasant twins. The twin sisters are finally friends, by the way.

Angela needed a bit more time to think about her choice of major, but in the end she settles for Drama, just like her sister.

Lilith is already top fit, but the coach does not accept that as an excuse for not working out: "Young lady, if you want to keep showing off a flat tummy in a skimpy top, you better get down to some serious exercising!"

Summer has begun, and Jules gets rid of her long-sleeved top and jeans.

Angela dresses more summerly, too.

And David puts his dungarees aside in favour of jeans and a sleeveless top.

Most of the time, when I do not give the students any tasks, they decide to play darts. This is the very first time that one of them plays the arcade game!

Lilith had the wish to invite her mother, Mary-Sue Pleasant, over for quite a while before she actually manages to call her at a time when she is not working. Mary-Sue is happy to see her daughters getting along so well and doing fine academically, but she is not very pleased about some of the other students who live at the same dorm.

Tara is in a bit of a hurry - you can guess why: Final Exam! And with "final", I really mean final :-)

With a nostalgic glance back at the dorm where she spent the past four years, she leaves after graduating Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy, and moves back to New Maximiliania.

Angela and Lilith make sure to get some badly-needed rest before the final exam of their Freshman Year.

Jules and David have just returned from their finals and now start their Junior Year.

The twins have made it: Freshman Year complete! There are still rooms available at this dorm; who will join the four students next? I don't know yet!


  1. Replies
    1. It does get boring, but managing 8 playable students with just one computer adds an element of challenge :-)

  2. Uni can really drag on at times, but just watching what happens can sometimes be fun to do. There always seems to be new things to notice in this game for me, so I enjoy that part. :) I was going to ask, I saw you mention in a post about making sure the student got their portion of the money from dean's do you do that, just put stuff in their backpack or something else??

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I used to do: calculate how much was their due (simply by dividing the household account by the number of students) and putting items corresponding in value into their backpacks. But I have stopped doing that now, the only student household left at the moment is ridiculously rich, it would be totally unrealistic if any new graduate would start out on such a lot of money.

  3. Well that makes sense. I couldn't do it with most of my greek house sims, the houses are super rich, but maybe in Megalahood I could figure out something to do.


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