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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pictures retrieved: Sharpe / Powers Family Album

Some snapshots I rescued from the Sharpe-Powers household as they were in 2008:

The house on campus, as assigned to them by Maxis.

The housemates, the way they were when the game begun: siblings Roxie and Edwin Sharpe, and Roxie's boyfriend Jonah Powers.

Edwin and Delilah O'Feefe.

Delilah, taking Edwin shopping for clothes.

Delilah advising Edwin on new outfits and telling him that this soft blue suits his hair colour so well.

A new haircut and different glasses make a changed man out of formerly "Dorky Edwin"!

And then he works at his fitness - very successfully, as you can see!

Much to Delilah's delight ;-)

Four housemates for a while, until Delilah joins a sorority and moves to the sorority house.

Roxie and Jonah.

The terrible day when the campus coach died in the siblings' front yard.

Edwin did his best, but it was not enough.

He even pleaded with the Grim Reaper for the coach's life.

But to no avail - he was defeated in the little game the Grim Reaper granted him.


  1. Wow, the coach died? I've never had anyone visiting be killed in a fire like that, at least an NPC. That's a crazy set of events.

    1. Me neither, I didn't know it was possible!

    2. There is always something more to learn or see it seems. I love it!


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