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Monday, 7 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Max Flexor and Mitch Indie

[Note: all this was played and written in 2010, long before the dramatic events leading to Max' untimely death took place.]

Max Flexor and Mitch Indie have just started their Senior Year at the Académie Le Tour. They still live in these tiny houses, assigned to them originally by Maxis, and they still are both unattached romantically. So far, neither of the two friends has met a 3-bolt-lady. Living arrangements were changed as soon as I began playing this household; instead of having one tiny house for each of the boys, I have designated one house as bedroom / living room and the other one as kitchen / dining room, with a shower and toilet in each house.

Max Flexor is a Popularity Sim with the lifetime want of having 20 best pet friends - one of those "unattainable" lifetime wants which no Sim in my game has ever reached. Does he stand a realistic chance?

Mitch Indie is a Family Sim and aspiring Education Minister. Both have declared Biology as their major.

Life has been quite dull for the two of them during their first three "years" here at uni, and I'm afraid that does not change in their fourth and last year. "Let's go out for a drink," Mitch suggests, hoping to meet some fellow students.

First stop is at the shops, where they stock up on groceries.

But the only student from New Maximiliania they meet there is Daniel Bell. Everybody else turns out to be NPC students.

They decide to go for a swim, since it is a hot day. No New Maximilianians here, either.

Back home, the cow mascot (who apparently Mitch has the hots for) and the llama mascot have made themselves comfortable.

Not too comfortable, though - they never forget their eternal rivalry!

Llama 1 - Cow 0 !

With the semester almost finished, Max and Mitch do not need to brush up on their skills, but have free reign instead. Max decides to paint, while Mitch is browsing the internet for information about outer space.

Now their very last semester begins! (Can't say I'll be sad to see them graduate...)

Max needs a logical skill point in order to be allowed to sit his final exam, and so he uses the telescope. As it is already past 6.00 am, he can not stargaze anymore, but is looking at things in the neighbourhood instead. Maybe he is going to spy some nice female student?
Doesn't look like it; here's a tree...
...and a hedge...
...and another tree...
...a rusty old car...
...a repair man's pick-up truck...
...oleander, I think...
...tulips... hey, wait a minute, this is autumn! ...
...oh, wow, a chair!! ...
...a willow tree...

...some prickly plants...

...a gardener's pick-up truck...

...and someone's spacious family car...

...a shop sign, how exciting!! ...

...and a lamp post! Where, though, are the other people living, studying and working on campus?

...not there, it seems.

Finally, Max has acquired his logic skill point, and after some more dull meals with just Mitch for company, some lonely nights and boring days...

...the friends graduate Summa Cum Laude in Biology and are ready to travel to New Maximiliania, where they hope to find a nice place to stay and start working on their lifetime wants. Good luck, boys!

Two more pictures: Mitch after having made that final phone call, looking rather elegant in a striped shirt and beige trousers...

...followed minutes later by Max, now on his way to New Max, too.


  1. I laughed all though the telescope pictures... I love how you've taken something so common from the game and made it funny. I'm enjoying these older stories, thanks for taking the time to post them

    1. Every now and then, something so banal in the game picks my curiosity and I investigate it a bit further, just like I did there with the telescope :-)
      It would be a shame, I think, if I did not retrieve the retrievable old stories.

  2. That was funny- I rarely notice what they are 'spying' on- I shall have to pay more attention!
    I've never played these 2 but I quite fancy doing so now next time I play the Uni they reside in. ;)

    1. They are somewhat boring to play, I must admit, especially if you rarely send them to community lots where they can meet other students.

  3. The telescope pictures were fun. I usually don't let my sims use it during the day because they tend to get beat up by some angry neighbour

    1. I was waiting for some other Sim to come over, all angry, but since all that was seen through the telescope were objects in the neighbourhood and no Sims, all remained quiet :-)

  4. Wow, I don't think I've ever had someone look at so many boring things in the telescope. They have always found a person, at least that I ever knew about. That was quite funny, although these guys seemed like they were a bit dull. I'll be interested to see how I feel about them when I finally get there.

    1. They were extremely dull, which is why I resorted to the telescope so that I could have at least something to check on :-)


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