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Friday, 25 October 2013

Pictures retrieved: Delilah O'Feefe

Delilah's first semester at university has not been covered in any of the other posts; it was not very eventful anyway, but here are the handful of snapshots I still had floating around from that time:

The house Delilah was originally put in by Maxis:

This is what Delilah looks like when the game starts:

I gave her a new hairdo and added some more yellow to her house, it being her favourite colour (according to her Maxis-written biography):

She found herself a boyfriend during her first year, Edwin Sharpe:

Also still in her first year, Delilah joined one of the sororities and later - after a short stint at Edwin's - moved to the sorority house.


  1. She seems like a nice girl. I'll be interested to see where she goes from here in your hood....well here and the other entries I've seen. :)

    1. Somehow I have always had a soft spot for Delilah, maybe because her Maxis-written biography says her favourite colour is yellow - it is mine in real life, too :-)


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