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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: At La Fiesta Tech, Part II

- - - Update 26.9.2009 - - - Last time we were visiting this dorm, there were several rooms waiting for new occupants, and now we have three newcomers - from left to right: Sally Riley, Sandra Roth and Tessa Ramirez.

Sally??!! What happened to my favourite New Maximilianian?! The hairdo she got with her age transition to Young Adult does not suit her AT ALL; looking at her now, you'd never believe what a beauty she is (in my opinion)! Let's put that straight immediately.

Sally has her old hairstyle back and looks very much like her former self, just a bit more grown-up :-)

It is summer, and the girls all find something more suitable for the warm temperatures in the wardrobe. By the way, Sandra and Tessa both declare History as their major, while Sally goes for Psychology - don't forget, her lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous lovers, and some expertise in psychology might come in handy for that...!

Jules O'Mackey, in the brown dress, wants to win a Dance Contest, and so she asks the three newcomers to join her at the My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.]

She has a membership card, and the other three can come along with her even though they are not members.

The first contest is won by the head of the studio (not in the picture), and Jules is a bit upset, but decides to try again.

And this time, she is the winner! Sally is obviously not very pleased about this, and neither is one of their professors, who was among the contestants as well.

Back at the dorm, Angela becomes a member at Games of Glory.

During one of the following days, Sally and David (not pictured) become members, too.

Lilith has just received her membership card; I think now there is nobody left without a card.

Jules O'Mackey and David Ottomas are the first ones to sit their end-of-term exams, and they do well, as expected.

The Pleasant Twins and our three newcomers come back with their A+ two hours later.

Sally is now a member at the My Muse II - Art Studio.

And Tessa Ramirez finds out that she actually has the hots for Sally!

The man coming out of Jules' bedroom is nothing her sweetheart Justin Cleveland needs to worry about - he only left her a special plaque for having reached maximum enthusiasm in games.

David Ottomas has been wearing his baseball cap for so long! Now, close to starting his Senior Year at university, he thinks it is about time to get rid of it. He will never win a beauty contest, I guess, but he does look better now.

Again, Jules and David finish their exams two hours before the others. For them, the last year at uni starts now.

For Angela and Lilith Pleasant, it is the start of their Junior Year, while the other three are all Sophomores now. If you have kept the count, you know that there is still one room without a New Maximilianian in it at this dorm. It will be interesting to find out who the newest addition will be!


  1. How do you decide when they go to uni? And a gay Tessa! She never showed that side in my game

    1. Usually, I let them stay teenagers up until the day before they would grow up before I send them to uni. Only when a parent has the LTW of graduating 3 children from college, I send the teens to college as soon as that option becomes available.

  2. That was a fun uni round, the girls all look really good, and I like David without the hat. He may not be the most handsome sim ever, but he's far from the worst. :D

    1. The only handsome Ottomas was Peter - neither his wife nor their children were potential winners of beauty contests :-)


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