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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: The Goodies

[Note: This was played and written in 2010. You have since seen this house occupied by DJ Verse and Max Flexor, and at the moment, it stands empty.]

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Goodies in New Maximiliania! They still live in the neat little house where we last left them...

...and they are still the same dear old Goodies: Herbert, a Knowledge Sim who would have liked to become Mad Scientist if he had had the chance (he was already an Elder when the game started), but instead studied White Magic (which comes quite close to being a Mad Scientist, if you think about it) and is now an Infallibly Good Warlock...

...and his beloved wife Faith, who shares the same aspiration and sometimes thinks it is probably for the best that she is too old to pursue her lifetime want of becoming Criminal Mastermind. The Goodies are both 68 years old. Maybe you remember that Herbert conjured up a four-legged companion - more for his wife than for himself, really. Well, when I re-entered this household, that companion was gone, but Herbert had the ability to conjure it again: she comes: Luce! Luce means "light" in Italian and is pronounced loo-dge (that's as close as it gets, unless you speak Italian and know the word anyway).

As Luce is quite attached to Faith, she runs straight out of the door...

...where Faith is just returning from a round of jogging, happy to welcome the cat again.

[On Tuesday, Faith and Herbert decide to visit some community lots. Not only do they need to stock up on groceries, but they also want some new clothes, as summer has now begun in earnest, and their current outfits are too warm.

First they get their groceries here...

...and then look for matching outfits here.

Luce has come along, too, and meets & greets some "townies" :-)

Faith makes Hot Dogs for everyone - undeterred by the light warm summer rain that has just started.

Back home, they change into their new outifts. By the way, they are firm 3-bolters now - all it took was having them study a bit of charisma each.

On Wednesday, Faith invites some friends over; this here is Bianca Capp, nee Monty.

They share a plate of Chef Salad. It is always good to have friends over!

Later, Herbert prepares a delicious Berry Pie - it is summer, after all.

While the cake is in the oven, Faith calls some more friends over...

...and invites whoever happens to pass by, too: (front) Ashley Pitts, (blue jumper) Matthew Hart, (back) Carlos Contender, Louis Aspir, Mary-Sue Pleasant.

It is their Wedding Anniversary today, and what happier occasion could there be! The party turns out to be a roof raiser even though there is no stereo, no whirl pool, no bar with fancy drinks - just a loving couple who know how to make sure their guests feel welcome!

After the guests have left, the couple relax.

On Thursday, Herbert invites his best friend Matthew Hart over again. This time, he has a present for him. "You see, Faith and I have no children, so I want you to have this... please open it when you're home."

When Matthew sits down in the Goodies' living room, Herbert approaches him with his magic wand...

...and turns him into...

...a warlock, too!

Matthew is enthusiastic about having been granted magic abilities, and he uses his new skill to cast his very first spell, covering his friend's house in a lovely warm golden glow. (He did that on his own accord, of course, as he is not a playable Sim in this household)

First and foremost on Matthew's mind, though, is his lifetime want: that of having 6 grandchildren.

Oddly enough, Luce has stopped to emit a glow, and although she is still transparent, she seems to be more solid now, don't you think?

On Saturday afternoon, while Herbert is upstairs in the attic, working on a painting, a hooded figure approaches him...

"Is that the time? Really? Oh man... I'm only 74!" Herbert complains. "Look here, old man," Mr. Reaper says, "I am making this as easy for you as possible; have this cocktail and watch my Hula girls, and you won't feel a thing, I promise!"

Faith is the same age as Herbert, and she does not have to grieve for him for long...

...because after he has done his job upstairs, Mr. Reaper comes downstairs and sends her to the Otherworld, too, where Herbert is already waiting for her.

Herbert died on Platinum (not permanent); Faith was on Platinum, too, until he died first. That made her lose many aspiration points. Now the loving couple lay united again underneath the big willow tree in their back garden. And Luce? She disappeared at the exact moment of Herbert's death. What did Herbert give to Matthew, apart from turning him into a Warlock? You'll have to wait until it is Matthew's turn to be played to find out :-)

[Of course, by now you know what was in the parcel; all you have to do is click on the header "Hart" at the top of the page and read about that household.]


  1. Hey Meks, could you write of your retrieved story of John Mole and how had he happened on his untimely death?

    1. Hey Bubbly (if that is indeed you), I have looked through all the files I managed to retrieve but am afraid there is none about John Mole. That one is, sadly, well and truly lost. But I have not looked through all the snapshots yet, and if I find some from John Mole's time in New Max, I will post them together with some newly written text :-)

  2. It made me go Awwww when they both died on the same day - sad, but somehow nice. You can tell I don't play supernaturals, reading this I kept thinking "why are they glowy??" - I just didn't connect it with the magic at first!

    1. Usually, I much prefer the "natural" Sims, too, but I do like the variety the game affords me with the occasional supernatural Sim in it.

  3. Premiere for me reading updates on my phone. The Goodies look fine, though small. Glad that Faith didn't have to go on by herself

    1. Reading blogs on my phone is something I only do when there aren't any pictures :-)
      Yes, I don't think Faith would have been happy all on her own.

  4. Aahhh!Just discovered how Matthew became a warlock... Now Im headed over to see what was in the box

  5. That was a very nice entry for the Goodies. I haven't gotten to them in Megalahood, it will be awhile before we get to Pleasantview, but it was nice for them, and nice they went together.

    1. I did enjoy playing them, they were such a nice couple and I liked their modest, neat house. It will be interesting to see what they do in your game!


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