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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: At La Fiesta Tech - Part III

- - - Update 1.11.2009 - - - The latest addition to the dorm is no other than Puck Summerdream, whose family we have just accompanied for their second week in New Maximiliania. Puck's aspiration is Popularity and he wants to have 20 simultaneous best pet friends - something no Sim in my game has ever achieved so far. Maybe he will be the first one? He is definitely the first student with pointed ears!

The other rooms are still occupied by Lilith and Angela Pleasant, Tessa Ramirez, Sally Riley and Sandra Roth (from left to right)... well as David Ottomas, who has just started his Senior Year.

As usual, the dorm cook does not fail to provide some drama to the otherwise relatively boring dorm life...!

Puck wants to keep up with the generally high fitness level of his dorm mates and works out to the music blaring from the stereo.

He is also diligent when it comes to writing term papers and decides on declaring his major in Drama.

Because I want the students to meet other students (secretly always hoping for some more 3-bolt-couples), I send them to a community lot.

This is the Llama Lounge, I think; but sadly, there are only NPC students and none of the other playable ones come visiting.

The only incident worth reporting is when Sandra Roth is "greeted" by the Unsavoury Charlatan and finds herself 150 Simoleons poorer all of a sudden!

They head back home and suddenly, hearts fly, and in the crowd it takes me a moment to find out that Lilith Pleasant and David Ottomas have just fallen in love with each other - without me doing anything, without it being spring and with only 1 bolt of attraction between them.

One evening, when everybody has done their tasks, acquired their skills and written their term papers, I decide to let them do what they feel like. David is close to starving but it takes him a LONG time until he finally does go downstairs to eat, in spite of Tessa apparently telling him he should be getting a meal before the cafeteria closes down for the night :-)

Then it is time for their end-of-semester-exams; David is smiling because he knows that, after this one, he will have to sit just one more exam and then never again!

Why Puck is all smiles is beyond me - for him, it is the first of 8 exams he will have to take over the next "years"! (Yes, I know, his bedroom looks rather girlish. Well, it used to be Blossom Moonbeam's room once.

For some, like Sandra Roth here, the exams start in the middle of the night.

For others, there is not even enough time to go to the toilet before the exam starts!

But everybody makes it to the Dean's List... and we have two more students who fall in love with each other on their own accord: Angela Pleasant and Puck Summerdream, yet another one-bolt-couple! You'd think they need at least 2 bolts for this to happen, but no.

Now there is some skill-building on the students' schedule.

Sometimes, it is just nice to stay in one's room and read, and escape the hubbub at the dorm for a bit, Tessa Ramirez thinks.

Sandra takes studying really serious and is always among the first ones to finish her term paper.

She later meets and greets Guy Wrightley who happens to pass by. We will meet him again during this round, too.

Angela becomes a member at the My Muse II - Art Studio.

And so does Puck.

And again...! This dorm cook is really not up to the job half of the time; she serves burnt food, always the same dishes, and periodically manages to set the stove on fire.

Lilith congratulates her sister Angela for being an A+ student. Hard to imagine that these two did not get along at all when they were kids!

David often talks to one of his many family members. "Soon, I will leave uni and come home," he announces happily.

Puck, Tessa, Lilith, Angela and Sandra have all finished the year successfully. For Puck, the Sophomore Year is about to begin; for Tessa and Sandra, it is the start of their Junior Year, while the Pleasant twins are now entering their final year.

And David? He has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Philosphy and is about to throw a graduation party.

His parents Samantha and Peter are, of course, invited, and so are all of his siblings: little Oliver, Tommy (who is turning into a rather handsome young man!)...


...poor ugly little Olivia as well as David's friends Daniel Bell and Gabriel Green (far back).

The party is a success! Sharla is watching her mom dance; she had no idea that she can be so funky!

While the party is still in full swing, Sandra receives her membership card to Games of Glory.

And then it is time for David to leave. The taxi will be here any minute.

His dorm mates wave good-bye; now Puck is the only male resident left here! I am sure David's room will not stay empty for long, but right now, I have no idea who will be next to start life at university.


  1. After all these uni updates it will be nice to meet a family again :)

  2. Nice uni rounds. It's fun to catch up on the ones you somewhat saved. Helps me make sense of some of these guys when they are back in the neighborhood. I love Sandra's look, she is VERY pretty.

    1. You must have been doing nothing but reading over the past two days or so, you are really catching up fast! Thank you!
      Yes, I like Sandra's look, too.

    2. I had a nice quiet weekend, and a night at work where I didn't want to get into doing anything that took a lot of my attention, so reading it has been. Also, when I play I get to thinking about blogs, and when I read blogs it makes me want to play, so it keeps me simming. :D


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