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Friday, 25 October 2013

Pictures retrieved: Monty Family Album

In August 2008, I played this part of the Monty family for their first week. Here are some snapshots I found in the storytelling folder:
 The Monty Hacienda.

 Romeo and Mercutio.

 Their grandparents, Isabella and Patrizio.

 A football (soccer) field was prepared for the boys. They loved playing there after school.

 Patrizio died in 2008 at the age of 65.

 His tombstone was put on the upper gallery.

 Isabella had a difficult time.

 To keep herself busy in a useful way, she took up sewing.

 Violet Jocque and Mercutio went steady for a while, I think.

 Isabella made teddybears for her grandsons.

When it was time for Mercutio to leave for college, he hugged and kissed his grandmother.
She gave him the teddybear she had made for him, knowing full well that he was too old to play with stuffed toys anymore, but it would be a nice reminder for him of the love his grandmother had for him.

 Monty waved his big brother good-bye.
Isabella knew it was soon going to be time for her younger grandson to pack his bags and follow his brother to college. 

Before he left, she gave him his teddybear, too. 

Then it was time for Romeo to board the taxi to campus.
Isabella, all alone now in the large house, often spoke to friends and family members on the phone.

When neighbours walked past, she made sure to greet them and ask them in to join her for what would have been a very lonely meal otherwise.

 Her evenings were mostly spent sewing.

Just before Christmas, she invited her son Antonio and grandchildren Beatrice and Benedick Monty over. 
[Note: because of the clean-up with SimPE that I had to do in order to create New Maximiliania, in my game the various branches of the Monty family are not really related, except for those members who live in the same household when the game starts. But I still like to treat them as relatives, and make sure they all know each other.]

 Everyone got something Isabella had especially sewn for them.

Mercutio came over from college to join in the small family reunion. He had fun playing video games with his younger cousins.

One night shortly afterwards, Isabella woke up, feeling very calm and happy. She was now 65.

It had been Patrizio's ghost to wake her, and she was glad to join her husband in the otherworld.


  1. I played this family many times without saving just to see what the inheritance would look like

  2. No because Isabella always got inheritance , Romeo and Mercutio also got inheritance and also Bianca and also Jordan (Bianca and Kent's son) got inheritance

  3. Isabella always took it bad when Patrizio died because every time I make them fall in love with each other again

  4. Aw, a sweet ending for them. I have never actually played any of the Veronaville houses, so I'm excited to eventually get to them in Megalahood.

    1. I liked Isabella, she seemed such a kind lady.

  5. Another nice family I have never gotten to know

    1. Never? But they are in the original game, with no expansion packs.


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