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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Stories Retrieved: Ashley Pitts

{Note: This was played and written in July 2009]

Recently, many graduates from New Maximiliania's three colleges have moved to that area of New Max where most of the apartment buildings can be found. One of them is Ashley Pitts, who used to live at one of the fraternity houses. This is the apartment block where he rents the ground floor.

You probably remember Ashley; we have accompanied him through a good portion of his college "years". He is a Romance Sim with the lifetime want of becoming Hall of Famer and has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Drama. During his time at college, he gained his memberships to the Platinum Gym as well as to the My Muse - Music & Dance studio.

And he found himself a girlfriend there: Heather Huffington, whom he has two bolts for. Heather has not graduated yet and therefore can not move in with her sweetheart just yet. She can come visiting, though :-)

hree of Ashley's "brothers" from the fraternity house have moved into the other apartments in the same block: Joshua Ruben (left), Kevin Beare (right) and Castor Nova (with his back to the camera).

On Tuesday, Ashley is successful in the job hunt and becomes an MVP straight away.

This means he finds the career rewards object available to him before he has even spent one single hour at work. His apartment is spacious; quite large, really, for one single Sim, and so he decides to set the small room next to the kitchen aside as his personal fitness studio. Not long, and he maximizes his body skill.

He spends the evening stargazing.

The next day, he goes to work for the first time. Now he feels really grown-up!

On Friday, he is promoted to Superstar...

...and gains his third membership card: he can now go to the Aspirational Laboratories anytime he feels like it.

Still, being on his own most of the time is something he is not really used to.

On Sunday morning, the gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp at his door step. For now, Ashley puts it into his inventory. He is well on his way to reaching his lifetime want and is generally leading a happy life - all that's missing is someone to share this life with him, and Heather won't be studying forever, will she? :-)

The last event for his first week in New Maximiliania is his promotion to Assistant Coach. That is two steps on the career ladder away from reaching Permanent Platinum - but we won't be back until the next round.

[Things have gone a bit different for Ashley than what I thought back then. You can find out more about that when you read this post.


  1. It was good to see Ashley's first foray into adulthood, and how nice that his fellow housemates lived in the same block. :)

    1. It certainly helped him to feel more at home in New Max :-)

  2. I love that apartment building!

    1. I like it, too, but I have started to not use apartment buildings for any newly graduated Sims because those lots tend to get somewhat buggy after a while.

  3. I have a few apartments but I tend not to use too many of them. There are so many things that can go on. Still, this is a nice start for Ashley. I've seen him multiple times, but haven't played him yet. Every time I read your blog I get really excited to start playing everyone will take awhile though.

    1. There are only a handful of Sims left still living in apartments; I became fed up with the glitches most apartment lots seem to develop after a while.

    2. Yes I've run into some of that too. Some aren't too bad, others seem to get really bad.


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