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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Frances J. Worthington: Week 2

Frances starts his 2nd week in New Maximiliania fast asleep, and with a comfortable 10.000 Simoleons in his account. He has nothing to worry about and only has to make sure his pets are well fed, clean and in a happy mood so that they can learn new commands as required, and rise up the ranks in their respective career.
Nothing to worry about is not quite true anymore, when a burglar is seen approaching the modest house in the early hours of the morning.
The burglar first takes the dog house. Not that Abbey minds; she has not once slept in it, anyway!
Next is the telly...
...and the posh curtains in the bedroom. It is only then that Frances wakes up, suddenly having become aware of someone being close to his bed.

The burglar gets away with all the stolen goods; luckily (for the burglar) Frances does not have the necessary reagents in his inventory to cast a nasty spell.
The day still turns out to be a good one: Abbey comes home as a Rescue Pet! That is the top position of that career, and Step One of six towards reaching Frances' lfetime want.
On Tuesday, Kim is promoted to Stunt Double.
Frances finds a new job for Abbey; she will now start in the show biz career, too.
Most of Wednesday is dedicated to teaching Kim to play dead.
On Thursday, Beatrice Monty pays a visit.
Abbey is promoted to Understudy.
Next on today's guest list is Sarah Love. Frances has two bolts for both Beatrice and Sarah, but does not roll any wishes for either of them.
Later, they are joined by Circe Beaker.
On Friday, Frances puts in a good, long playing session with Abbey.
When both his pets are at work and the household chores are done, he studies magic for the first time this week. I have never had a Sim studying neutral magic for long and was quite surprised to see Frances all of a sudden change his outfit to this, with different colours to the Evil or Good Warlock's clothes.
Kim is now a Star - that means # 2 out of 6 top-of-career-pets for Frances!

She will start working in the Service career next.
Frances' guest for the evening is Connor Reamon.
A nice shot, showing Kim, Abbey and Frances together.
On Saturday, Frances teaches Kim to shake.
Carla Reamon and Beaumont DeBateau have been invited in by Frances when he saw them walking by. I am not surprised to see Carla talking about bugs - do you remember the never-ending bug infestation at the Reamons' house?
The week ends with Frances having made his first "Little Miss Wendalyn" statue. Two pets have reached the top of their career; that is one third of his LTW reached.

Will Abbey and Kim continue to advance so well in their jobs? Is that going to count towards Frances' LTW, or does he need different pets to achieve that? Will he ever meet a 3-bolt-lady?


  1. A very productive round for Frances and his pets. It's almost a full time job training pets isn't it?
    I like that Witches/Warlocks can make items that 'Muggle' Sims can't. ;)

    1. Yes, it does keep Frances busy, but as long as he can do it himself, he won't engage the pet trainer.
      I wish there were more objects for Witches/Warlocks to make!

  2. The exact same thing I wonder: "Will a new career for the same pet count towards the LTW?" In that case I did six different in vain :)

    1. If I find out, I'll let you know here on my blog :-)


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