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Monday, 9 September 2013

Chaz Whippler - Week 2

- - - Update 1.7.2012 - - - Chaz' next week starts with him going to work on Monday, as usual. You can tell that he still thinks the typical Romance Sim thoughts, in spite of having an untypical lifetime want.

After work, he knuckles down to get the cooking skills needed for his next promotion.

There is also some housework to do.

On Tuesday, Chaz meets and greets Sharon Wirth...

...and Myra Moonbeam.

Once again, he proves to be a "great" host - retreating into his bedroom to do the crosswords while his guests are left to their own devices!

On Wednesday, Albany Capp walks by and is invited in. This time, Chaz does at least serve a meal for himself and his guest.

On Thursday, he is totally enthusiastic after he finds 20 Simoleons in his dustbin :-D

n the evening, he meets and greets Stella Roth.

On Friday, he is finally promoted again: now he is Restauranteur, and seems happy to do away with the cook outfit. There is a lot of work ahead for him before he can think of his next promotion: he needs 2 more cooking points, one logic and two creativity points.

On Saturday, he finds a blue mug in his dustbin and sells it for 4 Simoleons.

Sunday ends just as the previous Sunday, with Chaz stargazing.

Is he ever going to meet a 3-bolt-lady? Difficult if he goes nowhere else but to work! Will he keep looking for items to sell in his dustbin? Are there going to be consequences to his excessive use of the telescope?


  1. I think a little alien Whippler would be very cool! I shall wait with anticipation until next time.

    1. No little Alien Whippler in sight at the moment, but never say never!

  2. Hmm.. Interesting that he finds useful items in his dustbin... I never tried that - maybe too neat IRL ;)

    1. He he, same here! It's a shame they can't keep what they find; it is instantly sold as soon as they pull an object out of the bin.


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