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Friday, 20 September 2013

The Vonderstein-Williamson Household: Week 3

- - - Update 29.6.2012 - - - The new week begins with both William and Klara getting up and ready for work.
William never goes to work that Monday - while taking care of the orange tree, he finds out that he is pregnant and is put on maternity (in his case, paternity!) leave.
He proudly shows Klara his belly before she heads off to work.
"Soon, the time when there's just been the two of us will be over, love," he muses when on Tuesday afternoon they relax on the bed. He now has the wish to marry Klara - for the first time either of the two shows that wish. I find it strange that their bolts do not increase. One of William's turn-ons is mechanical, and Klara has now 8 mechanical points; her turn-on is hats, and I have given William a hat. They still are at one bolt and remain at that for the whole week. Never mind - they do love each other dearly!
Still on Tuesday, the Goths come visiting on their own accord. Tara Goth is Klara's best friend. She was nee De Bateau and married Alexander Goth. She is a bit older than her husband, as you can see.
While the four of them sit down for a delicious omelette, William says he thinks this meal with good friends calls for a toast...
...and then suddenly, he pulls out a small velvet-covered box and hands it to Klara. "How lovely, two hearts beating like one," Tara sighs happily when Klara and William become future spouses.
After their guests have left, Klara, still on Cloud No. 9, harvests a batch of very tasty oranges.
On Wednesday morning at 9.12, William goes into labour...
...and shortly afterwards, little Wilma is born. She has 15 half-siblings all throughout New Maximiliania. I wonder how many of them she will meet during the next "years"!
The house is large enough for Wilma to have a spacious nursery, decorated in bright colours.
William and Klara enjoy their new status as parents, and soon-to-be husband and wife! It is Thursday, and William goes back to work today, while Klara has the day off.
She is not biologically related to little Wilma, but takes just as much care of her as William himself does.
Tara and Alexander Goth come over once again (on their own accord), and when one of the Placido boys walks past, he is invited in, just as are Puck Summerdream and Erin Singles.
On Friday, both William and Klara go to work, but of course not without calling a nanny first.
Back home, Klara makes orange juice of the tasty oranges she last harvested. I so rarely use the juice maker!
On Saturday at a quarter past two in the morning, Wilma is helped with her birthday by Klara.
Today, Klara has to work, and therefore it is William who potty-trains his little daughter and teaches her to walk and talk - all in one day, with the help of smart milk.
When Klara returns from work, she prepares a delicious berry pie and stuffed turkey. (Sorry - William definitely had enough time, but he is not skilled enough for this kind of festive meal. Let's say he got the champagne ready and arranged the flowers.)
The guests are here, from front to back: Stella Terrano, Justin Cleveland, Chloe Singles, Tara Goth, Cyd Roseland... well as Ophelia Nigmos, Tank Grunt and Castor Nova (in rather odd choices of outfits for a wedding, I must say!).
And then, under a soft summer rain, Klara and William become Mr. and Mrs. Williamson!
The party is a success!

On Sunday, Klara invites Jessica Peterson in when she walks past the house, and tells her all about last night's party. Looks like Jessica is not too impressed about not having known of the party beforehand!

The week ends with a kitchen fire, "thanks" to Klara - who really should know better! But don't worry, nobody came to harm.

This was a fun week to play, and I am already looking forward to seeing Wilma as a child.


  1. Nice to see someone throw the wish to get married, you so rarely see it after the initial wishes.
    Little Wilma is a cutie, looking forward to seeing her grow up.
    I like the juice maker- use it all the time!

    1. I am now used to seeing Sims who live together roll the "get married"-wish as soon as they turn into elders, but William made his mind up before that :-)
      Poor Wilma hasn't got a nose, but she still is a cute girl.

  2. Your festive meals look really great. Nice to see a wedding!


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