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Monday, 9 September 2013

Chaz Whippler: Week 1

 [Note: This was played and written in 2011; therefore, you will see some Sims younger or still alive that are now either elders or have died since, and other developments have taken place in New Max that were still in the future at the time of writing of this post.]

One of the recently graduated students has moved not into a rented apartment like the majority has done, but instead has chosen a small house in one of the oldest parts of New Maximiliania.

It is Chaz Whippler. He first started his university life at one of the dorms, but soon joined one of the fraternities and moved into their house. Chaz dreams of being a Celebrity Chef - not what you would expect from a Romance Sim, but then our Sims don't always do what we expect :-)

Monday morning, just after moving in, Chaz meets & greets New Maximiliania's oldest inhabitant, Luis Aspir.

About 2 hours later, the official welcome committee appears at his doorstep: Florence Delarosa, Malcolm Landgraab and Dina Caliente.

Chaz wants to prove that he is on the way to being a Celebrity Chef (even though he does not have a job yet!) and decides to serve Chili con Carne.

Erm... it did not turn out quite as good as he wanted, but the guests eat it anyway. What kind of host is that - offering burnt chili and only two chairs for five people? The guests do not seem to mind too much, though.

Later, Chaz' best friend Joshua Ruben invites him to an outing downtown. The taxi pulls up in front of the "Lucky Shack", where Chaz hopes to win a bit of money - he can certainly use it, with only 840 Simoleons to his name and no job yet.

He looses 100 Simoleons - only to win them back a bit later. To not provoke any bad luck, he calls it a day and leaves his group of friends, heading home on his own. (You know everyone in this picture: far back, in the red cardigan, is Melanie DeBateau, next to her Joshua Ruben and Kevin Beare. At the card table with Chaz are Tiffany Sampson and Ashley Pitts.)

On Tuesday morning, Darren Dreamer is impressed with Chaz' ability to Freestyle and tips him a generous 100 Simoleons.

On Wednesday (still no job!), Chaz has another set of guests; all of them happened to walk by and were invited in: Tank Grunt, Roxie Sharpe, Rick Contrary and Monica Bratford. Again, he is the "perfect host" - taking one of the two available chairs himself! At least the food is not burnt this time ;-)

Thursday arrives, and Jacob Martin and Tara Gieke are Chaz' guests for the day. Jacob gives another 100 Simoleons tip - Chaz is most grateful, because the postman has just delivered the bills.

Late in the evening, he has a look at what's in his dustbin, and finds a dollhouse doll, selling for 4 Simoleons.

Friday morning, finally Chaz finds a job in the Culinary career! His fun level is so far down, though, that I fear he won't want to go to work.

He does go to work - as an Executive Chef, in spite of lacking 3 cooking and 2 logic skill points. And as it is always the case with those Sims who have graduated from university, the career rewards object is already available to him, before he has even done one single day's worth of work.

Saturday, he makes his first candies and is given a memberhip card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Sunday does not mean a day of rest for Chaz - he has not worked for the first four days of the week, so he can very well get up today and go to the restaurant!

When he returns home, he meets Trisha Traveller - one of the few ladies who could be possible three-bolt-candidates for Chaz; he loves brown hair! So far, they do nothing but talk, so Trisha's marriage is not in any kind of danger.

Sunday and this week end with Chaz working on his logical skill. He has not done particularly well, but I am optimistic about his future. And who knows what's going to become of his acquaintance with Trisha Traveller? Or his stargazing at the telescope? The possibilities are manifold, and we will find out eventually!


  1. I've never played Chaz but he's certainly a sociable sim! Some sims are harder to motivate than others aren't they but he's moving along slowly but surely.

    1. Unless anything dramatic happens, I am quite sure he will get there during his next week.

  2. I have tried to read your stories from the beginning, but gave up, so now I started with the latestupdates.
    Seems relaxing to play only one sim, and I'm sure Chaz will do well for himself in the future :)

    1. It is relaxing after a very busy household, yes, but can be a little boring, too ;-)


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