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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chaz Whippler - Week 3

This modest Maxis-made dwelling has not seen any changes since I last played here, and it is still home to the same single Sim: 

Chaz Whippler, whom we meet at the beginning of his third week in New Maximiliania (after graduation) with a rather bad cough. Luckily, he has the day off and can get as much rest as he needs.

On Tuesday, he goes back to work. His current job still is that of Restauranteur, and he'll need a few more skill points before he has any chance for his next promotion.

Upon coming home, he carefully puts the suit he wore to work away and cleans the bathroom, something he simply did not feel well enough for yesterday.

Charlie Cho, son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp, walks by and is greeted politely by Chaz.

And later, Servo Pleasant becomes Chaz' next visitor. He is slowly but surely getting acquainted with more and more New Maximilianians.

I regularly send Chaz to salvage the bin to see what he finds. This time, it is one of the rattle-things Sims use when another Sim has a birthday, or when they celebrate New Year's Eve.

Before the day is over, Ramon Ramirez is Chaz' guest No. 3 and gets treated to a delicious dinner of Salmon. (Ramon is Checo and Lisa Ramirez' second child and Tessa's younger brother.)

Wednesday sees Chaz working on his creativity skill. The purchase of this easel is the only change he makes to his household all week.

You can tell he has not been investing any money into his house since he moved in - the living room is still largely empty.

On Thursday night, lightning strikes the telescope, but there is still enough rain to put out the flames without Chaz running any risk of getting turned into a small pile of ashes.

Friday and Saturday are spent mostly studying cooking...

...and more cooking. Sunday is the same. 

Yes, I'm afraid this was rather a boring week, as is sometimes the case with a single Sim. Chaz is still not ready for his next (and probably last) promotion, but I hope it will happen during his next week. On the relationship front, he does have many friends from his uni days, and one three-bolt-lady: Lavender Greenman! He has not done anything about it yet, and I am not sure he ever will. Let's just see what happens, shall we!


  1. It's often rare that sims find a 3 bolt love isn't it unless you manipulate it, lol. I wonder if Chaz and Lavender will get together or if he may get abducted next time!

    1. Not sure about Lavender yet - if I remember correctly, she has more than one 3-bolt-man in her relationship panel, but is married to Geoff (Rutherford) to help with her mother's LTW.

  2. There will be more action next time, I bet :)


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