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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Weir-Reamon Household: Week 7

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Connor Weir and Carla Reamon still live where Maxis have originally put Connor and his best friend Geoff Rutherford. Maybe you remember that Geoff moved out and got married to Lavender Greenman, one of Rose Greenman's plant children, while Carla herself originally came from Twikii Island and is the only Non-New Maximilianian who was allowed (by me) to settle here.

Both Connor and Carla are on Permanent Platinum - you already know what that means: hardly any intervention from my part, except for making sure that the fridge is well stocked, the bills are paid and fellow New Maximilianians are greeted when they walk by. Connor is fast asleep when the week begins.

Carla is in the front yard, showing clear signs of distress because of the bug plague that is still persisting. Well, it will continue as long as nobody does anything serious about it - stomping on the bugs won't help!

She keeps stomping on at least ten different batches of bugs until a stray wolf distracts her. She plays with him for a while, and then finally goes to bed.

In the morning, Connor orders enough groceries to last them for this week.

When Carla gets up, she takes care of some cleaning jobs around the house without me telling her to.

Most of the time, though, she can be found at the bar.

The former Goodies' house that was, until very recently, owned by DJ Verse and Max Flexor until they both met a most fiery death, is close to Connor and Carla's place, and Connor tells Carla about the rumours of ghostly sightings there in the yard.

Prezioso Picaso walks past and is greeted by Connor.

The bug problem is unlikely to be solved anytime soon. It seems to dominate Connor's and Carla's thoughts a lot.

On Tuesday, before the sun is up, Carla has a little pre-dawn guitar session - with a special audience :-) At least this keeps her away from the eternal bug-stomping!

It was Connor's wish to call the repair service, and after taking care of a clogged toilet, the repair man tunes the piano.

A rare sight in this household: the couple manage to sit down for breakfast together - and it is NOT a liquid breakfast this time!

Connor goes to work...

...while Carla takes more or less good care of her personal hygiene.

At 6.00 pm on that Tuesday afternoon, she turns into an Elder.

Her clothes are not really suited for a New Maximilianian autumn and winter, and so, early on Wednesday morning, the two of them go shopping.

Freya's Rayments is where they arrive a few minutes later.

Connor watches and tips the "human statue", while Carla makes her choice of outfits.

While she is busy talking to Morty Roth, Connor carefully sneaks past her to buy something special at the counter.

Back home, Carla shows that she is indeed very capable of cooking if she feels like it.

Connor finally rolled the wish to call the Exterminator, and finally, the bug infestation is taken care of.

When Silvia Ottomas (nee Singles, daughter of Kristen Singles and Checo Ramirez) walks past and is greeted by Connor, she joins in the Exterminator's work on her own accord.

This leaves Connor free to do some other jobs in the house.

Puck Summerdream is greeted, too, and just like Silvia before him, he takes pity of the elderly couple who seem to be incapable of dealing with the most basic of yardwork, and helps to clear up the mess.

This induces Carla to sweep some of the dead bugs.

Look who it is - Servo Pleasant, New Maximiliania's first (and so far, only) Servo!

He soon becomes part of the yard-cleaning task force!

Connor, too, is seen sweeping, and the yard is finally bug-free.

In the kitchen, he tells Silvia about Carla's native island and the beautiful seashells that can be found on its sandy shores.

Meanwhlle, Carla takes it upon herself to entertain her visitors with an excellent performance on the newly tuned piano.

Servo is, I guess, not so much into music, and prefers playing chess with himself.

On Thursday morning, he stands in the sun for a few hours until his power supply is recharged. I have not played with a Servo for such a long time that I have forgotten almost everything about them.

Later that morning, Geoff and Lavender pay their old friends a visit, much to Connor's delight.

On Friday morning, Connor brushes his teeth, seemingly unfazed about the broken tap on the sink.

"What meal do you think we should serve our guests today, Carla?" Connor asks.

Guests? Here they are! Why so many? What is the occasion?

They have even hired a bartender for the day!

Remember the mysterious little box Connor got at Freya's Rayments while Carla was busy talking to Morty Roth? It contained nothing less than a pair of wedding rings! (Carla rolled that want. If it had not been for that, there would be no wedding.)

Their friends - and the bartender - applaud after the ceremony. Since it was Carla's initiative who made the wedding possible, the couple carry her surname now: Carla and Connor Reamon.

The cake is cut, which solves the problem of what to serve their guests.

Everyone has a good time, and the party is a roof-raiser.

On Saturday morning, Connor goes offline after having booked...

...a honeymoon trip to Twikkii Island for the two of them. Look at how happy Carla is at the prospect of seeing her native land again after so many years!

As the plane approaches Twikkii, her heart beats faster.

The hotel receptionist looks at her intently. "You are... well, you were... the girl who left the island to live in New Max, aren't you?"

Carla does not even mind that it rains all afternoon.

She is just happy to be on Twikkii again, with her beloved husband.

As soon as the rain stops, she is out on the beach. How she must have missed the soothing sound of the waves!

That night, Mr. and Mrs. Reamon enjoy a romantic dinner of lobster and champagne on their hotel bungalow's balcony - with the waves being the music, and the stars being the lights.

Utter bliss!

Carla builds a sandcastle the next day.

Then, they go to the fruit market.

"You talk like a local, dear lady," the native girl says to Carla as the two of them chat over a game of pinball. "I am a local," Carla smiles, and of course the girl has heard of her, too, but did not think she would ever meet "The Girl Who Left".

The boardwalk is their next stop.

Here, Connor learns the Fire Dance...

...while Carla sunbathes on the beach once more.

Their last evening arrives way too fast. Carla sits out on the balcony for hours, looking at the calm moonlit ocean, alone with her thoughts, and Connor does not disturb her.

Only when she goes down to the beach and softly calls him, he joins her, and is very happy when she tells him that she would not change anything and does not regret having left Twikkii to be with him all those years ago.

They were, after all, a 3-bolt-couple when they were younger! (Sadly, that changed the moment Connor turned into an Elder; one of Carla's turn-ons is red hair, and he can't have that anymore. But they are very much in love with each other regardless of the number of bolts.)

It is time to say good-bye to Twikkii Island for the second time in Carla's life.

Back home, Connor realises how messy their yard looks, and tackles the shrubs.

He gets about half of it done before his car pool arrives to take him to work.

Carla cleans the bathroom.

In the course of the afternoon, first Samantha Green (nee Cordial) and Hailey Hart (Matthew Hart's half-Alien daughter) are greeted, and Samantha proves that her title of "Infallibly Good Witch" is fully deserved when she helps with the gardening on her own initiative.

This, again, seems to spur Carla on to do her share as well. The yard looks so much better now!

Sunday morning, some more bathroom cleaning is in order, all without me telling her.

Connor gets himself a drink... as usual!

He is now 74, and by the looks of it, won't live much longer. Carla is 59 and still has a long time ahead. Will she stay in this house when Connor dies, or return to Twikkii?


  1. I do love it when neighbours start to garden of their own accord. It seems that Carla and Connor have very good neighbours!

    How nice that Carla got to go 'home' for her honeymoon. A lovely week's tale. :)

    1. It was nice to play, and less boring than I feared :-)

  2. Very nice vacation, indeed! Good that the neighbours help out with the garden. Maybe they don't want to live next to a shabby place!

    1. I really enjoyed playing this, I remember!


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