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Friday, 20 September 2013

The Vonderstein-Williamson Household: Week 2

- - - Update 22.12.2009 - - - Yes, we are back already at the Vonderstein-Williamson household, like I had promised. We last left with Klara already having reached her lifetime want - she is now Education Minister - and William being well on the way to becoming "The Law".

It is Monday, and the Christmas season has started. Time for William not only to get some decorative objects, but also to change into something warmer than the short-sleeved t-shirt.

It was on William's wish list to buy a sculpture worth a certain amount, and this little shrine just fit the bill. William tossed a coin, and a message appeared: "You will encounter vast fortune!"

The "vast" fortune consisted of 1.000 Simeleons, raining down on William from the sky.

When Klara tried her luck with the shrine, she was informed that she "will discover a long-lost secret". I checked her inventory to see if there was, for instance, an object like the tattered old map leading to the Pagoda of the Shadows, but there wasn't anything, so I am not really sure the shrine "worked".

Never mind the shrine - on Monday afternoon, William returns home as "The Law", meaning he is now on Permanent Platinum just like Klara! He reached his lifetime want 22 days before Elderhood. Klara, in the meantime, welcomes passers-by Peter Ottomas and Tank Grunt.

The guests stay for a dinner of Christmas cookies and, much to my surprise, Santa appears! I had no idea that the "snowman stereo" can make Santa appear as well; I always thought a fireplace is obligatory, and there is none at this house.

William has been eating quite a lot of Christmas cookies, as you can tell from a look at his slightly bulging midriff :-)

It does not take him long to get rid of that, though; on Tuesday he is already "fit" again. Klara has received a bonus of 45.000 Simoleons today, due to the right decision with a chance card. The household account has now gone just over 100.000.-! I wish someone would give ME one of those chance cards ;-)

Uh-oh... a fight in Klara's and William's kitchen! It is not the two of them, I hope...?

No. It is Tybalt Capp v. Loki Beaker. I have no idea what triggered the fight, but I have always suspected that neither Tybalt nor Loki are particularly nice Sims to be around.

Other guests tonight include Daisy Jacquet (née Greenman), Ajay Loner and Chester Gieke, who seems to be quite attracted to Klara, who is oblivious to the feelings of her colleague towards her.

Shortly after dinner, William tries to repair the dishwasher - unsuccessfully.

And shortly after that, Tybalt and Loki fight again - with the same result as before, Tybalt winning the fight. This time, Dina Caliente watches.

And just when everybody has left and an exhausted William and Klara have gone to bed, very early on Thursday morning, a burglar pays a "visit"! The burglar alert works and the thief is arrested before he can nick anything.

When it is time to get up again, William wonders if the shrine will offer more wealth or secrets. Instead, he is told that he "needs more than an ocean of calamine lotion", and a terrible itch starts to break out all over his body. In the end, though, he does not need calamine lotion - a shower does the trick just as well.

Klara is a Knowledge Sim and therefore wants to find out more about the shrine, too. She does not get the itch - but a swarm of angry bees!

On Friday, Klara comes home from work with another 45.000 Simoleons bonus. While William is having a nap on the settee...

...she is putting the last touches to what obviously are party preparations: fireworks have been bought, she has made a layer cake, a turkey and has also put a platter of crisps on the sideboard in the dining room. Yes, it is New Year's Eve, and William and Klara want to celebrate with their friends.

And celebrate they do - in style, as you can see!

By midnight, Old Father Time appears and is welcomed with an almighty racket and lots of cheering from the party guests (Ophelia Nigmos, Stella Terrano, Tara de Bateau, Hannah Bell, Max Flexor and Matthew Hart) and hosts.

He then turns into the New Year Baby, and everyone welcomes the new year to New Maximiliania.

Saturday is rather quiet with William being at home on his own while Klara's work at the ministry means she has to be at the office today, too. To his surprise, the skunk lets him pet it - once. When he tries again, it sprays him. Klara comes home with - guess what - another bonus! This time, she gets 50.000 Simoleons; now the couple have more than 200.000 Simoleons.

Just when Saturday turns into Sunday, William is kidnapped by Aliens while stargazing with the telescope on the balcony! He is still young enough to return pregnant, and now I can't wait to go back to his household to see the half-Alien baby, but it will have to wait for quite a long time.

Spring is here, the snow is all gone, and Klara has chosen a different outfit. She has recently started her own collection of beetles, spiders and butterflies. She has also brushed up on her mechanical skills - one of William's turn-ons. He has now 1 bolt for her instead of no bolts before.

Is William going to have a son or a daughter - or maybe twins? Are the two of them going to get married at some stage? And will they ever become a three-bolt-couple by working on each other's turn-ons? I hope to find out one day :-)

In the meantime, let me tell you that it really was nice to play first a Christmas and then a New Year's party at this household - I had not done that in quite a long time. To all my readers, have a merry Christmas (don't forget the cookies, or Santa will not appear!) and all the best to you for 2010!


  1. oh how exciting a round! I love the Christmas and New Year celebrations- I don't do them often enough in my game.
    William expecting a little alien- how fun. :)

    1. It was a lot of fun playing that, yes!

  2. Nice to see the holiday festivities! I don't have that expansion. And wow, they are really rich now!

    1. It does happen rather fast for all my Sims to get rich (or at least wealthy); as soon as they work full time and get promotions, even a single Sim does not have to worry about the bills very soon.


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