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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Vonderstein-Williamson Household: Week 1

[Note: This was played and written in 2008.]

Back at the apartment building where Alexander Goth and Mercutio Monty each rented an apartment after graduating from university, we are going to meet yet another graduate:

Klara Vonderstein, who has a degree in Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) and is going to put it to good use in the Education career as soon as possible - her lifetime want is that of being Education Minister of New Maximiliania. Her aspiration is Knowledge. Her clothes are... umm... a bit ill-matching and hardly fashionable.

Never mind, first things first, as Klara always says, and before she even furnishes her apartment, she invites her long-term college sweetheart over.

William Williamson is here... to stay! Maybe you remember that William and Klara fell in love at university without me doing anything - they chose each other on their own accord, even though they have not one single bolt between them. William is a Fortune Sim and his lifetime want is to become The Law. Like Klara, he has graduated in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude as well. He adds 17.486 Simoleons to the household account, and that does not include the items in his inventory yet (I usually give the students the equivalent of their grant money in objects before they leave campus).

Klara's apartment would have been a bit tiny for an aspiring Education Minister and The Law, and since money is not much of a problem, the couple decide to buy a house in the old part of New Max. This used to belong to Cleo Shikibu (now Dreamer) and Patricia Wan (now Cooke), if you remember. Strangely enough, it is still summer, but when Klara and William arrive at their new home, a thick layer of snow covers everything, and does not disappear for the rest of the week.

Klara manages to land a position as High School Minister right away - yes, those university diplomas truly ARE handy when it comes to Sims who want to achieve the top of a career!

While she is at work, William greets the welcome committee: Kent Capp with his brother-in-law Cornwall Capp and Trent Traveller.

Klara returns already with a promotion: she is now College Senior Professor. Well done for the very first day of your very first week in New Max, Klara!

With her smart outfit, she fits right in with the Capp brothers-in-law. "Corny here and myself, we are always happy to meet new folks," Kent explains.

William decides to do something about their somewhat desperate clothes situation and visits "Cover Me Clothing", where he buys several outfits for himself and for Klara.

Later, the couple relax on their bed, already wearing some of the new clothes William brought.

On Tuesday, Wiliam regretfully looks back over his shoulder as Klara is serving a pile of delicious pancakes for breakfast - he can't stay, as he has to start his new job as Family Law Attorney today.

With their career rewards objects, Klara and William have designated one of the downstairs rooms as their skill-building room, and use it extensively. Klara has been made College Dean of Students today, and now she needs 3 Charisma, 2 Logic and 5 Cleaning points for her next promotion!

Before they go their separate ways for the day, William and Klara usually make sure they sit down together at the table, even if only for a few minutes. "Moving here was a good choice," Klara muses.

William returns from work on Wednesday with a promotion to International Corporate Lawyer.

Monica Bratford happens to walk by, and although Klara does not know her personally, she remembers having seen her on campus during her time at university, and politely asks her in.

On Thursday, William is made Entertainment Attorney and now really needs to work on his Charisma.

Klara has just become a member at the Aspirational Laboratories. This is her 3rd membership card; she already has those for My Muse II - Music & Dance and for "Games of Glory".

Friday morning, another romantic breakfast for Klara and William :-)

With such a good start to the day, it is hardly surprising that Klara reaches her lifetime want! She comes home with a promotion to Education Minister and is now on Permanent Platinum - 25 days before she will turn into an Elder. Congratulations, Klara!

Saturday morning, New Maximiliania's new Education Minister is on her way to work.

Sunday morning, Klara gets up a little before William, who has spent many hours behind the telescope, and makes omelettes for breakfast.

And just in time - William was so tired from stargazing that he went to bed really, really late and very hungry.

Nothing really remarkable happens the rest of Sunday, but we will soon be back, since William's surname is not far away on the list after Vonderstein. Then we will see whether William gets his next promotion, and what Klara will do now that she has reached her lifetime want.


  1. I've always liked this house. Klara and William are an interesting match up. I've only played them once but they hated each other- lol.
    Looking forward to seeing what is next for them.

    1. It's a nice, playable house, and Klara and William are a couple I enjoy playing. I have two more posts ready about them from 2009 and 2012, just need to copy them to blogger.

  2. These two seem like a nice couple! Strange with a full week of snow in the summer! Was it cold outside, too, or is this a visual glitch only?

    1. Hmmm can't remember right now, but I think they didn't change into warm outdoor clothes when they left the house.


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