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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Williamson Family: Week 4

- - - Update 5.7.2012 - - - Back already! Well, it is not far on the alphabetical list from V as in Vonderstein to W as in Williams, and now it is the Williams' turn. (With Klara marrying William and becoming Mrs. Williamson, the name Vonderstein has become extinct in New Maximiliania.) We meet little Wilma on the Monday morning, playing in a puddle on the balcony.

Her nanny keeps looking after her in the best possible way whenever her parents are both out for work.

But when they are home, they spend a lot of time with her. On the Monday evening, Klara teaches her little step-daughter a nursery rhyme.

On Tuesday, although Klara has the day off, the nanny appears. Klara generously tips her and sends her home.

At 6.00 pm, Wilma turns into a child. She has the same hairdo as almost every girl in New Max gets upon her age-transition... that's a bit boring, don't you think?

Her room gets changed to the requirements of a school-age kid.

Hmm... is that such a good idea, I wonder, to let a little girl tend the fruit trees with those huge pruning shears?!

On Wednesday, Stig Singles (son of Erin Singles and Nervous Singles, born Subject) walks past and is invited to a water balloon fight by Wilma.

Later that day, Wilma changes her hairstyle. I gave her three different styles - she made a disgusted face after the first two, but cheered her mirror image with this one!

On Thursday, while William is at work and Wilma at school, Klara rakes the leaves on the patio and burns the pile. Unfortunately, not only the pile burns, but the flames jump across the patio...

...threatening Klara...

...the situation becomes truly dangerous and I fear for Klara's life; remember, she's alone and nobody can extinguish the fire or call the fire brigade for her!

She manages to get a grip on her panic just long enough to start extinguishing the flames herself...

...but not long enough to really put the flames out. The Nanny is just as helpless as Klara, and so is a townie who happened to walk by.

Eventually, the flames die... and Klara lives! But oh, in what condition she is - really pitiful: ALL her bars are in the deep red, and although I tell her to go get some food first, she keeps stopping, trying to get to the toilet, or the shower, or the bed.

Wilma knows nothing of her step-mother's ordeal; she comes home all happy with her first A+ on that day.

Meanwhile, Klara has managed to eat a few bites before she falls asleep right on her plate.

By the time William returns from work, Klara has more or less recovered. Paola Picaso walks by, and because Wilma is still upstairs doing her homework, William greets the little girl, hoping for his daughter to find a friend her age.

On Friday, William and Klara drive to work together.

When Wilma comes home from school, her parents are still out, but the nanny is there and allows her some fun time at the computer in the living room before she sends her upstairs to do her homework.

On Saturday morning, Wilma uses her toy oven for the first time.

In the afternoon, she invites Stig Singles over, who brings along his sister Selma.

Stig and Wilma are now friends.

William and Klara make sure everyone sits down together for spaghetti bolognese.

Just as Saturday turns into Sunday, a burglar sneaks up to the house. The burglar alarm - and the police officer who rushes to the scene - quickly put an end to any criminal activities for this night.

Let me end this week with a picture of Wilma sliding down the banister. She loves doing that and often slides down in the morning when the school bus waits for her. 

Next time we'll meet this nice family, Klara and William will turn into elders. Wilma still has another week before she'll become a teenager.


  1. Great round getting to know Wilma. I love when kids (and teens) slide down the bannisters!
    Klara was very lucky escaping a fatal end to her life. ;)

    1. She was, wasn't she! Yes, the family was very nice to play. A child just makes things so much more interesting in the game, I find.

  2. Nice little family - strange that htey never wished for a child together

    1. Not so strange if you consider that neither of them is a Family Sim (they are Knowledge and Fortune).


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