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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sharon Wirth: Week 7 (Week 1 on her own)

For the dramatic events of Sharon's 6th week in New Maximiliania, click here.

Sharon's first week on her own is about to begin. 

At first, I leave her to her own devices for a while to see what she'll do. She has obviously been heavily traumatized by the loss of her nephew, brother-in-law and her sister, and wanders the house, grieving for her beloved relatives and unable to find rest, no matter which bed she tries, like Daniel's here...
...or Hannah's and Issac's.
She ends up in her own bed eventually, but still can't sleep and gets up after only a few hours, way before she has really slept enough.

 All she can think of is Hannah.

Newspapers and magazines accumulate on the porch; Sharon can't bring herself to cancel the subscriptions of her late family members.

On Tuesday, I send her out to greet Jared Starchild.
Still on Tuesday, Cedric Cooke walks by. When Sharon greets him, little does she know that his happening to walk past her house that evening marks a turning point for her.
Jared is still here, and he seems to be rather intrigued by meeting a half-Alien.
Sharon seems to have regained her zest for life and tries to impress Cedric by busting a move (she did that on her own accord!).
She then proceeds to tell her guest the recent story of her life...
...complete with the tragic deaths of all her family. The young man listens, and his heart goes out to her.
Actually, his heart REALLY goes out to her ;-) There are two bolts between Sharon and Cedric; her only 3-bolt-man is Ashley Pitts, who is off limits since he is very happy with Stella Terrano. I decide not to influence Sharon's and Cedric's actions towards each other but let things run their natural course.
Early on Wednesday morning, Sharon clears the piles of leaves in the yard. She is wise enough not to set fire to them.
Lee Broke is greeted when he walks by... are Beatrice Monty (who does show quite a lot of skin in that dress, doesn't she!)...
...and Tom Freshe.
Having guests and entertaining them is the best therapy for Sharon. Her grief certainly wasn't helped by her being all on her own in the same house where her family died, and where every corner holds memories.
Thursday sees Lavender Greenman, Sandra Roth and Cedric Cooke come to Sharon's.
They are joined a little later by Juliette Davis.
Cedric offers to give Sharon a backrub, and she happily accepts.
On Friday, she even starts clearing the old papers on the porch.
Also, she has enough energy and motivation back to be seen at her ballet barre again - for the first time this week!
She proves that she's still "got it" - not bad for 73, not bad at all!
On Saturday, just after I have told Sharon to make herself grilled cheese for lunch (she chose the microwave herself, instead of the oven), her carpool arrives, and she leaves with the meal still in the microwave. You can guess what happens next, can't you...!
The microwave soon catches fire...
...which spreads to the whole kitchen unit, but funnily enough, does not harm the vase with flowers next to it.
Sharon is still at work and never sees the flames; before she is home, the fireman is there to extinguish the fire. Phew!
Upon arriving home, Sharon decides she wants to win a dance contest, and so off she goes to the My Muse - Music and Dance studio.
She enters the contest dancing solo, while some of the other contestants do the smustle.
The lady who is the head of the studio wins this contest and looks to be pretty bored by it. Well, she must be so used to winning, but that's no reason to become all blasee about it! Sharon wishes couples were allowed to enter the contest.
They all agree to give it another go, and this time, Sharon smustles along with the others.
And this time, she is the winner!
It is Sunday, and the middle of winter. Sharon knows Christmas will never be the same again since her loved ones died, but she also knows that she will feel better surrounded by her friends on that day. Therefore, she sets up a tree in the lounge...
...bakes a batch of Christmas cookies and invites her closest friends over.
Soon, everyone joins the Hula, lead by Carla Reamon. Isn't it funny that Myra Moonbeam (the lady far right) is wearing something resembling the costumes of Carla's native Twikkii?
There is a mistletoe in the hallway - but Cedric decides to give Sharon a squeeze in front of everyone right there in the ballet room, watched by Melrose Moonbeam.
Meanwhile, some of the other guests (Goneril Capp, Myra Moonbeam, Darren Dreamer and Lee Broke) enjoy Sharon's cookies.
Later, the two half-brothers (their Alien father is the same) sit on the settee together and talk about college. Cedric has recently graduated, while Lee is still waiting for his college years to begin.
The party starts and ends early enough for Sharon to go to work, but due to the wrong decision with a chance card, she returns in the afternoon being demoted to Interpretive Dancer. She is obviously rather unhappy about this, and because there are still some hours left to the working day, I send her straight back.
This time, she comes home being reinstated in her former position of Tap Dancer.
And just in time to see Santa leave, who has deposited a teddybear for Sharon in the hall.

She is now 75, and I'm afraid she probably won't have another full week to live. Will anything more become of her romantic interest in Cedric Cooke? Is she ever going to get nearer her LTW of earning 100.000 Simoleons?


  1. At least Sharon had a good week after all that drama! Cedric could make her last days very happy indeed! ;)

    1. Yes, poor old girl, she does deserve some happiness after all that, doesn't she!

  2. A brief romance is also a romance! Hopefully she can live it out next week


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