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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Bell / Wirth Family Album

Just some assorted snapshots from the first weeks of the Bell / Wirth household in New Maximiliania:
The part of New Maximiliania where they live.
A better view of the house. The Smiths live next door.

Issac, as he is when the game starts.
 His wife Hannah.
 Their son Daniel.
Hannah's sister Sharon Wirth, doing ballet exercises at the career rewards object.
Daniel's room, as furnished and decorated by Maxis...
...and later by me, when he turned into a teenager.
Daniel meeting Bottom Summerdream for the first time.
Hannah at a cooking contest. I think the gentleman with the beard is Mr. Goodie.


  1. There are so many families to get through. Reading, or rather looking through your first photo albums makes me pretty excited to get through my megahood a little more. So you play in alphabetical order?

    1. Exactly. The list is in the alphabetical order of their surnames, and if there are several surnames in one household, it means that this household is played more than once in the same round. This makes for a bit of variety in how fast or slow they age.

    2. Forgot to say there is also a list of all the names here on my blog, look at the corner to the right, where it says "Home" and underneath there are the pages: births & deaths, lists & stats and "about New Maximiliania".

    3. An interesting idea to play households with multiple last names multiple times. It does add quite a bit of variety I'm sure.

  2. So many sims I've never played...

    1. Do you have all the expansion packs (which means you have the same families as I do) and just simply never played them all, or are some of them truly missing from your game?

  3. I don't have Bon Voyage, but the rest I do. I Think the reason I never knew them is that I never bothered to play them :)


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