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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour: 22.11.2010

At the moment, Beatrice and Buck are not concentrating on each other, but on their term papers. This semester, Buck is the first of the students to finish his paper. 
And we do have a newcomer: Sharla Ottomas! She seems to wonder why Buck keeps his hat on at (almost) all times. 
Benedick receives his Bronze Badge for pottery. 
The Campus Coach has not often been seen at this house, but today he is admonishing Hal Capp to get some physical exercise as well, not just mentally, as in playing chess. 
It is now spring, and Sharla has changed out of the woolly jumper into more lightweight clothes - as usual, with some pink. 
While Hal and Buck have to go to class, Beatrice suggests they show the newcomer Sharla round the neighbourhood, and they end up going to "Rapid Racers Roller Rink" (or something like that). 
Beatrice and her brother try a little tame hand-in-hand skating... 
...while Sharla is quite the show-off... 
...and admittedly does some rather spectacular pirouettes without ever falling. 
Back home, Buck arrives from class just in time to find Hal getting electrocuted while attempting to repair the computer. 
As if getting electrocuted was not enough, the desk itself catches fire - I can't remember this ever happening in my game before!! 
Luckily, Buck keeps a level head and instantly sets about to extinguish the fire. 
Now that it is spring, Beatrice and Buck can not ignore the three bolts they have for each other any longer, and act accordingly :-) 
Hal has just graduated! 
He dons his graduation robe and invites his friends to the party. 
From back to front: Pauline Aspir, the Broke twins, Etsu Cho, Miranda Capp, Desdemona and Ariel Capp. 
Sofia Baldwin joins them, too; it is not long ago that she left this place after her own graduation party! 
Now that Buck and Beatrice are an item, they often go outside to cuddle under the stars on their own accord. 
Hal, meanwhile, is ready to move back to New Maximiliania where we will undoubtedly meet him again. 
Now that Sofia and Hal do not occupy the master bedroom any longer, Beatrice and Buck move in there. 
Benedick has caught the flu - too bad he has his end of term exam in a few hours! 
In spite of the flu, he does well, as do his sister Beatrice and Sharla. 
Now in her second semester, Sharla decides to declare her Major in Biology. 
Buck invites his dad and his two brothers Tank and Ripp over one sunny day. 
Soon, everyone joins in the water balloon fight. 
Buck is a few "days" ahead of the others and has just completed his Junior Year; he is now a Senior. 
Benedick and Beatrice are now in their Junior Year, and for Sharla, the Sophomore Year is about to begin. Are there new students going to join the group? Is Benedick going to find himself a girlfriend, and will Sharla meet the man she eventually wants to have 6 grandchildren with? Let's see!


  1. I do like water balloon fights. It's a great way to build up friendships with LOTS of sims at the same time.

    1. That's true, and it raises their fun level very quickly, too!

  2. I like that you're changing their clothes according to season!

    1. Thank you! It is something I really enjoy, and most of the time I try to stick to each Sim's "preferred" colour scheme.


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