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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour: 12.4.2012

With Buck gone, we have a newcomer: Jill Smith. How will she fit in with the others? What major is she going to choose? 
Shaun is in his Sophomore year now, and apart from writing his term paper, what he mainly does this semester is making best friends out of the other students living here. His best friend # 9 is Sharla Ottomas. 
Benedick Monty becomes # 10... 
 ...followed closely by his sister, Beatrice Monty. 
Shaun also keeps in touch with Buck, and adds him as # 12 to his ever-growing list of best friends. 
Everyone makes the Dean's List at the end of the semester. Jill has not chosen her Major yet. 
Silvia gives Tommy a backrub on her own accord - but, in spite of what I expected, this does not result in them falling in love with each other. It probably would have happened in spring, but now it is autumn. 
Tommy has spent some hours on a community lot to buy groceries and therefore is a few hours ahead of the others. He returns from his end of year exam while the others are just leaving for theirs. To pass the time until they come back, he builds a snowman. 
Later, he decides to try his hand at repairing the dishwasher, but he gets electrocuted. 
I do fear for his life - he was already rather hungry when he began with the repair job, and although he stands next to the fridge, he does not get himself anything to eat. 
The others all return from their end of year exams with an A+. For the Monty twins, it was the final exam - they have now both graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama. 
Beatrice throws a graduation party. 
 Etsu Cho, Cedric Cooke, Jules O'Mackey, Lilith Pleasant and Brent Broke are invited... are her Dad, Antonio Monty, and her sweetheart Buck Grunt. The party is a success, and Tommy Ottomas, who almost (and very stupidly!) would have died of starvation, gets to eat some of the food prepared for the party, and survives. 
Shortly after Beatrice leaves for New Maximiliania, Benedick calls for a taxi as well, and says good-bye to the students staying behind. Now there are only Tommy and Sharla Ottomas, Shaun and Silvia Singles and Jill Smith left. Who is going to fill the places vacated by Buck, Beatrice and Benedick?


  1. Just as a question, do all your teen sims go to college, or do you have a way you determine who goes? There seems to be a LOT of them that do go, but perhaps not all? It's hard to tell since I'm so far behind and missed the first 2 rounds of updates.

    1. Almost all of them go. Usually it comes up as a want for either their parents, or themselves, or both; and it often helps with their own LTWs, such as top of a career, or have 20 best friends, 50 first dates, and so on.
      Only very few of them are not going to college. Johnny Smith is one of them. It is more a spur-of-the-moment decision than anything else.

  2. I have had that eating disorder in some of my sims. I especially remember one. He was the boyfriend to Elaine's mother (in my b-irka story) and Elaine hated him. When her mother died, the boyfriend still lived in the same house, and I on purpose only let Elaine cook only for herself, and the boyfriend eventually died. Elaine laughed when it happened. Terrible sims and terrible simmers :)

    1. Aaaw poor Sim! Yes, sometimes it is amazing at how unfazed our Sims are by another Sim's death. But laughing when it happens - I don't think I've witnessed that in my game yet :-)


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