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Friday, 27 July 2012

The Beaker Family - Week 4

We are back with the Beakers, and catch Circe and Loki on Monday morning just as they are getting up. What Loki is trying to explain to his wife here is unknown, but her expression is one of polite interest without much of his enthusiasm reflecting on her. 
So far, the Beakers - although very much in love with each other - have always only had one chemistry bolt between them. Circe's turn-ons are formal wear and custom hair, and so Loki changes into an elegant suit and his hair colour to blue (suits his blue eyes at least). Her turn-off is facial hair, so the beard comes off. His turn-ons are a logical mind and full face make-up, something that can easily be offered by Circe. Since Loki dislikes brown hair, she sticks to her natural ginger. And even with all this, they do not get to three bolts, but only to two. Never mind - I've tried! 
Barry, who will be an adult in 12 days, is now going steady with Olivia Ottomas. This happened while I was playing the Ottomas household. 
At 8.00 on this Monday morning, a line-up of taxi, limousine and school bus stops in front of the Beakers' house: The taxi is for Barry, who moves to college (very early in his teenage years, yes, but he does want to help his Dad to reach his lifetime want of graduating three children from college), the limousine is for Circe to take her to her CEO job, and the school bus is for Björn and Beta. 
When everybody has left, Loki is all on his own in the big house. 
Not for long though - in the afternoon, Circe returns from work with her last ever promotion: she is now Business Tycoon and has reached her lifetime want, 2 days from Elderhood. 
As if they'd never seen rain before :-) 
Ginger Newson and Etsu Cho happened to walk past and were of course invited in for dinner. 
Loki is relaxing in the sauna. I think the Beakers are - so far - the only household in New Max who have a sauna. 
On Tuesday, Björn follows his brother to college. Again, this is cutting short his teenage years, but I hope to fulfill Loki's lifetime want. Checo Ramirez, who had the same wish, never lived long enough to witness more than his oldest daughter, Tessa, graduating. 
Now that Circe is a business tycoon, she is not taken to and from work by a limousine anymore, but by helicopter. 
I never told Loki to wind the clock, he did that on his own accord - and again, and again, and again... he seemed stuck on this for a while, until something else caught his attention. Have you ever had that happening in your game? 
It is Tuesday, 6.00 pm, and Beta turns into a teenager! The lot falls on Knowledge as her aspiration, and her lifetime want turns out to be Head of SCIA. 
Moments later, her mother (well, not biologically, but you know what I mean) Circe turns into an Elder - with horrible clothes, but thankfully, that can be remedied. Whoever created the terrible combination of way-too-tight and way-too-long skirt and clumpy shoes? 
On Wednesday, Beta goes to H&M after school. It is autumn now, and pretty as the green dress she age-transitioned in may be, it is not fit for the cooler temperatures. 
Circe returns from work accompanied by fellow business tycoon Elizabeth Aspir. 
One of the new outfits Beta bought today. Much better for autumn, isn't it? 
With Loki and Circe now both being elders, their sleeping pattern has become as erratic as that of a pair of toddlers. In order to be able to go to work on Thursday, Circe has to have a mug of coffee - can't have her fall asleep at work, can we! 
Myra Moonbeam comes home from school today with Beta. The girls have the same hairdo, with may have something to do with them being friends :-)
On Friday morning, a magic lamp is placed on the Beakers' porch, in the corner between the door to the sauna and the one to the dining area. For now, I just leave it there. Maybe I'll use it if I see that Loki won't live long enough to see all three of his children graduate from college. 
Speaking of Loki, he is taking advantage of one of the last warm afternoons of the year and goes for a swim. (Surprisingly enough, the Beakers hardly ever use their pool. They always seem to be taken up with other things, such as playing the piano, watching TV, winding the clock or classic-dancing with each other.) 
On Saturday, in spite of the weather having turned to cold, Loki and Circe cuddle outside on the front lawn. When left to their own devices (which is what they mostly are), they always do something together - cuddle, kiss, dance, serenade or just relax next to each other on their bed. 
Even though it is really cold, and they are both very very hungry and need the toilet badly, they keep dancing under the stars. While I understand how romantic that is, I think I'd listen to my rumbling tummy a lot earlier! 
On Sunday, Beta inexplicably decides to grill burgers in the snow. 
Her parents are grateful and eat them hours later (when the burgers have already gone off), and poor Loki is so tired and hungry that he falls asleep right with his face on the smelly plate. I honestly fear for his life - you can tell by the red plumbbob that he really was in a bad state here! Don't worry, I think he'll be alright next time we visit the Beakers. Loki is now 62, Circe is 59, and Beta is 10 days away from adulthood. Next, we'll check on her brothers at college.


  1. lol, Elders are a law unto themselves. Mine are often found serenading each other if I leave them alone.
    Did you say this was a Maxis house? I don't think I recall it in my game.
    I remember in their original house I put a sauna in the basement one time, but all they wanted to do was have sauna's, lol.
    I hope Loki can get his LTW, I'm sure he'll do it, he has great kids.

    1. Yes, that is a Maxis house, I found it - like all the others - in the lots&houses catalogue. It is really huge and needed a bit of clever furnishing and tweaking in order to make it more playable.

  2. That blue hair makes Loki look rather youthful, I have to say! It's not a look I've seen any other simmers use for him!

    You may have already discovered this by now but the custom hair turn on is broken. Changing your sim to a custom hairstyle unfortunately doesn't make them any more attractive to sims who are supposedly attracted to custom hair. :\

    1. No, I didn't know that :-( Thanks for telling me!
      The choice of "custom hair" in the game is not very large when you play, like I do, entirely without CC - in fact, it is odd that there should be any at all, but it is there.

  3. I do love couples who are close like this when left to their own devices. I haven't ever had anyone wind the clock like that....not that many of my families have that clock. :) You buy/make your sims so many clothes. I need to change them up more. They usually get one outfit per age transition, but I like changing it up per season, at least sometimes. :) Nice update.

    1. Me, too, although it can make me a little nervous seeing them not taking better care of their physical needs because of all the romantic interactions :-)
      Yes, when my Sims have enough money, I like them to have something different to wear every day.

  4. Strange that the sims are not taking care of themselves better! But they seem so have a good time anyway. And Beta is very cute in her green outfits!

    1. Some seem to be better at taking care of their own needs than others.
      Thank you, I like Beta with her preference for green, too!


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