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Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Aspir Family - Week 4

- - - Update 14.7.2012 - - - 
Welcome to the first household to be played in Round 4! I am very happy that New Maximiliania is still going strong in its fourth year, and so much has happened in real life during those four years that it is lovely to be able to return to New Max and see the familiar faces and visit the well-known places. 
 Since we left the Aspir family, they have not done much. Pauline is, like many teenagers, frequently on the phone to her friends; Victor enjoys a good crossword every now and then, and Elizabeth is still striving to earn those 100.000 Simoleons. 
Luis is now 108. He has 3 bolts for Kimberly Cordial. Elizabeth has, by the way, 3 bolts for Benjamin Baldwin and only two for her husband. Victor does not have 3 bolts for anyone. He is now 1 day from Elderhood, while Pauline will grow up into an adult in 6 days. 
On Monday, Pauline returns from school with a class mate, Myra Moonbeam. She always uses the car that her grandfather had so lovingly restored many years ago, never the school bus (I don't tell her to do that, she does it on her own accord). 
Victor is promoted to High School Principal. 
Just when Luis turns 109, the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls appear and take him with them to the Otherworld. He was on Permanent Platinum ever since he rubbed the magic lamp at the start of the first round and wished for peace of mind. He is the 26th Sim to die in New Maximiliania. 
Victor can't believe his father his gone! He seemed to be living forever, didn't he?
Later that night (not at 6.00 pm as you would expect), Victor himself turns into an Elder... and age-transitions into a Santa Claus outfit!! Of course, this can't stay. 
Both Victor and Elizabeth are now Elders. I like the way they look together, don't you? 
Pauline suffers the loss of her grandpa a lot. He had a huge part in bringing her up, what with both parents working full time during her childhood. 
Very early on Tuesday morning, the gypsy lady leaves a second Magic Lamp with the Aspir family. I have yet to decide what to do with it and leave it on the deck for now. 
The morning after Luis' death, the family all look rather subdued at breakfast, and understandably so. 
While Pauline is at school, Elizabeth makes a new outfit for her and surprises her with it when she comes home. This helps to cheer the girl up. 
Victor is promoted to College Senior Professor. 
On Wednesday after school, Pauline (in her new outfit) tackles the leaves in the back yard. This used to be something her grandpa did... But he is not there anymore. 
Elizabeth, who just this morning has received her Golden Talent Badge for Sewing, is promoted to CEO. 
Victor comes home with another promotion: he is now College Dean of Students. 
Thursday evening, Pauline and her school mates Helena Stacks and Parvati Patel go running.
On Friday, Pauline does her homework for the very last time! 
And on Saturday, she applies for scholarships (she gets 3, one for excellent grades, one for good creativity skill and one for good body skill) and moves to college. Her parents are both happy for her and sad at the same time - the "nest" now being empty. 
On Sunday, Elizabeth wakes up with the wish of earning 50.000 Simoleons - that would be half her lifetime want achieved. I remember the magic lamp and let her summon the genie and wish for wealth. Her wish is, of course, granted, and she now wants to earn 62.500 Simoleons. With the help of the lamp, her lifetime want suddenly does not seem to be so out of reach anymore, does it! 
And Victor comes home on Sunday afternoon with his last promotion - he now is, at 59, Education Minister and has fulfilled his dream! 
"You'll see, darling, the money will keep coming and you'll soon be on permanent platinum, too," he says when he sits down with his wife for dinner that evening. 

Our next stop will be to see how Pauline is doing at college.


  1. Wow....he lived a VERY long time. Kind of sad to seem him go after that. I like the outfits you picked/made for the elder. Maxis tends to give them very weird elder outfits...well weird every age transition outfits, but really bad with elders.

    1. True... there is really not that much choice in outfits for the elders, and it is hard to NOT end up with every elderly Sim wearing the same outfit out of the few I like :-)
      Luis was, I think, the oldest Sim ever in my game.

  2. I already gave up on figuring out the correct order storywise, and decided to go chronological according to your updates. It will (maybe) sort itself out in the long run :)

    1. That's what it is supposed to be, jungfrun. The only "out of order" posts are the "Family Album"-ones, because I usually sort out the old pictures only after I have copied & pasted the chapters written in storytelling mode.


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