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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Students at Sim State University: The New House

Welcome to Sim State University, where our current group of students have just moved from Académie Le Tour. Why the move? Frankly, I was bored with the house and the same old, same old... You probably know what I mean; college life for our Sims has the tendency to get a bit monotonous. Where have they moved, and who are they? 
This private house (not a dorm, and of course Maxis-made like every building you'll ever see on this blog) has been rented for... 
...Jill Smith, Bottom Summerdream, Pauline Aspir and newcomer Marcus Baldwin. 
The house looks large from the outside, but it is just about big enough, with two bathrooms and three bedrooms on the top floor... 
...another small bath room, kitchen and living/dining area on the ground floor. There is plenty of money between the four students, so I get rid of everything in the house and furnish it from scratch. 
Marcus Baldwin, who dreams of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer, strangely enough has the wish to declar his major in Economics. 
When left to their own devices, the students often write into their diaries. 
Pauline in one of the two upstairs bathrooms. 
Marcus and Pauline get along very well and often play catch outside until it gets too dark to see the ball. 

They take turns in cooking, and often all eat together. 
Pauline and Bottom share a bedroom. 
Jill as the oldest of the girls, and in her Senior Year, has a room on her own. 

As long as class requirements are met, I interfere as little as possible with them, and this often means that the girls are out in their night dresses - never mind the postie!! (Who is of course totally unfazed by this scene) 
The Campus Coach puts in an appearance and pesters Bottom into working out (and she does). 
Jill's very last semester has just started! 
Marcus, as the only male student of the group, has his own bedroom. 
Pauline and Marcus have successfully finished their respective semester. 
And Jill has graduated! You can tell how pleased she is. Soon she'll move back home to New Max, where her mother and her brother still live, and can start working on her lifetime want of becoming General. (Her father, Pollination Technician # 9, or affectionately known as "Polly" to his friends, died some time ago) 
She puts on her graduation robe and hat and invites everyone to her graduation party. 
Her guests are Sharla Ottomas, Shaun Singles, Buck Grunt and Hal Capp... well as Silvia Singles, her mother Jenny Smith, Romeo Monty and her brother Johnny Smith. The party is a success, and Jill leaves in a taxi, vacating her room at the students' house. 
Bottom is now a Senior Student. 
Marcus has finished his Freshman Year, and Pauline is now in her Junior Year. Is any of the girls going to move into Jill's former room, or are they going to wait for a newcomer to occupy it?


  1. For some reason I'm clicking on the tabs for the Ottomas, Broke, Picaso families (and others) but not getting the chapters. I'm probably doing it wrong, but how do I look up your Ottomas Family story?

    1. Hello Lorelei, thank you for taking the time to look through the posts! My labelling system works like this:
      I label every post in which a Sim appears on a picture (it is not enough being mentioned, they need to be on an picture) with that Sim's surname. Therefore, whenever you see a post labelled "Ottomas", there will be a picture of one or more Ottomas family member in it.
      The actual chapters about the Ottomas are not online yet; at the moment, the majority of my stories are still on the Sims2 Story Exchange and will be transferred gradually, while I am playing each household for their Sim-week in the alphabetical order.
      I started New Maximiliania in 2008, and there is lot to transfer :-)

  2. Er....I'm thinking you haven't gotten that far yet (duhhh). Sorry about that :D

  3. The house looks nice with the new decorations. Uni can be tedious at times, and I'm hoping I can get through them without too much of a problem when I start getting all these sims to uni. Hopefully splitting them between the 3 universities will help.

    1. Yes, playing at the 3 unis in turns will add a bit of variety. As I by now, the number of students in my game has been reduced so much that I have only one student household to play, that deals with uni quicker - but it is also a little boring, because it's the same dorm over and over again, unless I decide to move the group to a different one next round.

    2. Yes, I could see how that would be. In Megalahood we will roll for what uni they will attend when they get ready to go, so I'll hopefully have a bit of a variety at who goes where. :)


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