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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour - 19.5.2012

Not all the empty slots in the house are filled; at the moment, there is just one newcomer: Bottom Summerdream. Her older brother Puck Summerdream has graduated some years before. One of the first things she'll do is, of course, get another outfit out of the rather large wardrobe left behind by the other female students before her 
She has only chosen a different pair of trousers but decided to keep the long-sleeved shirt for now, while the days are still chilly. After her first few days at the house, she declares her major in Biology. I wonder how helpful that will be for her future career - she wants, after all, to be The Law - but there you go; my Sims do certainly not always act logically! 
Silvia Singles has just recieved her Silver Badge for pottery. 
The least popular of all NPCs must be the Campus Coach! He orders Jill to put away her half-eaten dinner and work out at once... and she obeys! 
Shaun has the choice of four completely equipped bathrooms, and yet, what does he do? Have a sponge bath! As I said, my Sims do not always behave logically... 
Jill got so cold outside, but did she come in? No, only when she was close to freezing point! 
Erin Singles, Shaun's mom, comes visiting one night (nobody invited her, she really just turned up on her own accord). 
Like all mothers, she wants to make sure that her children eat enough - even if that particular "child" is a young adult already, and obviously has a healthy appetite! 
Most of the time, the students follow their pleasant routine of classes, term papers, meals and revising. 
Bottom successfully finishes her first semester. 
I do keep worrying about Tommy; more than once, he is close to starvation, and while the fridge is well stocked and he has plenty of cooking skill points, he nearly always waits until someone else prepares a meal before he'll eat anything! 
One fine spring day - the first one that is warm enough for everyone to change into different outfits - Tommy and Silvia give each other backrubs (on their own accord) and fall in love with each other. They do not even have a single bolt between them, but what did I say earlier? My Sims do not always act logically... 
Shaun sighs over a match of chess with Sharla, "I wonder whether I'll ever find someone to love..." He has now 11 or 12 of the 20 best friends he needs for his lifetime want, but no love interest. 
Tommy would like to have at least some chemistry with Silvia, and changes his hair colour to red, which is one of her turn-ons. He even puts on a formal suit and tie for her (her second turn-on), but there still is not one bolt.] 
The students often meet in the kitchen for their meals, or just to talk. Bottom has quickly settled in with the others. 
 She tries to repair one of the two computers one night and gets electrocuted. Normally, I intervene very little with life at this household, but because she only has a few hours left until the end of her first year, I send her to have a shower and then to bed, so that she can take her exam well rested. 
Jill Smith, Shaun Singles, Sharla Ottomas and Silvia Singles all end their semester successfully - and for Sharla, it was the very last exam: she has just graduated Summa Cum Laude! 
A nice shot, showing a happy Shaun - he is, just like his cousin Silvia and his friend Tommy Ottomas, a Senior now. 
The next day, Sharla dons her graduation robes and invites her friends and family to a graduation party. 
Her dad Peter Ottomas, mum Samantha, friend Vidcund Curious, little sister Olivia, friend Buck Grunt and older brother David are all here. 
When the party is over, Sharla waits for the taxi that is to take her back to New Maximiliania - the relief on her face is obvious. How soon is she going to start on her lifetime want of having six grandchildren? And who is going to be the next newcomer at this house?


  1. It's pretty cool so many of your sims, from different main hoods, know each other well. I think that's one of the really cool things about a Megahood. :)

    1. It is what I like aobut sending them to uni, it increases their chances of finding that special someone and meet Sims from other parts of New Maximiliania :-)

  2. With little interfering with the students it's quite an achievement to have them graduating SCL!

    1. Well I do controll them until they have their required skills and written their term papers. Without that, I guess I'd have only drop-outs!


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