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Monday, 30 July 2012

The Bell Family - Week 4

- - - Update 7.3.2010 - - - After we have checked on Daniel's wellbeing at college and made sure he has successfully mastered his first year there, we get back to the Bells' house just in time to catch Hannah preparing large quantities of Grandma's Comfort Soup. She is planning to give some to her friends who, not being Family Sims, can not prepare the useful dish themselves. How thoughtful of her! Some Sim or other always seems to catch the flu, and we all know that this special soup has healing properties.

With Daniel having left for college, his friends do not count as family friends any more, and so, all of a sudden, Issac finds himself in need of FIVE friends in order to get his next promotion. He starts to work on this immediately and calls as many acquaintances as possible in his spare time. 
But he has to leave for work soon. Sharon and Hannah decide to stock up on groceries while at the same time meeting some other New Maximilianians. 
They arrive at the Pentameter Parkway. To my knowledge, this community lot has been part of our game since the first day of Sims2. 
While Hannah does the shopping... 
...Sharon meets and greets those Sims who also live in the neighbourhood. Like ALL female Sims, she has three bolts for Beaumont DeBateau, the only zombie living in all of New Max. 
The sisters find the day far too beautiful to head home immediately and head over to the One-Twenty Five Café. (This community lot came probably with Four Seasons) 
"My treat, sis," Sharon smiles when her older sister Hannah wants to pay for their espresso. 
While they sit in the sun, sipping their coffee, Guy Wrightley stops at their table, obviously very impressed with Sharon! 
Inside the café, Sharon talks to Johnny Smith, who she has two bolts for. She has two bolts for a lot of men! 
Back home, Hannah rakes the leaves in the vast yard. 
Sharon comes home from work and finds guests: Armand DeBateau and his daughter Tara. "Are you really as rich as they say?" she asks Armand. Sharon, we know you are a Romance Sim with the fortune-related aspiration of earning 100.000 Simoleons - but do you really have to be so blunt?! 
Hannah's efforts of keeping the yard clean are made futile when Blossom Moonbeam walks by... 
...and has nothing better to do than jump right into the pile of leaves! (I simply love watching the Sims do that - that and the pillow fight are some of my favourite things in the game!) 
Issac really wants to be more attractive for his beloved wife - they have only one bolt for each other. She loves a fit Sim, and so Issac makes an effort and works out vigorously.
With visible results! 
Sharon contemplates her life while having a mug of coffee. 
On Saturday, Issac is finally promoted to Media Magnate - he is now, at 59 "years" of age, on Permanent Platinum just like his wife. 
 He immediately retires. 
And if that is not a reason for a toast with the bubbly stuff, I don't know! :-) 
Finally, Issac has leisure to read his favourite cuisine magazine. 
He has been painting lots (Sharon always gets to sell the paintings to help her towards her lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleons) and is rewarded with a special plaque for maximum arts enthusiasm. 
For Hannah, I choose a secondary aspiration: Grilled Cheese. She has so many rewards points that she can now paint Grilled Cheese. I quite like the slightly meksercized kitchen - now the colours match better than before, and the Grilled Cheese painting looks good, don't you think? 
Sunday evening, Sharon returns from work... 
...and instantly has her age transition. Welcome to Elderhood, Sharon! 
With their guest Samantha Ottomas, the Bells and Sharon celebrate the end of a successful week with a delicious meal of turkey and champagne. 
And on this festive note, we leave the Bell household, casting a last glance at the pavillion in their garden, decorated for the Christmas season which has begun for them today. We will be back when it is time to play the "W" households - Sharon Wirth is still here, after all. Is she ever going to get near her lifetime want? No idea - but I hope so!


  1. Whoops, I apparently forgot this post. lol With knowing what is coming this was sort of a sad update to read. :) I like the house decorated for Christmas. Do you just decorate when winter starts?

    1. Yes, I usually do. Not always, though; more in houses with children or teenagers since this is what many people I know do in real life.

  2. Very nice winter pictures and a lot of champagne this time :)

    1. That was when the Bells were still a happy family... *sigh*


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