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Friday, 20 July 2012

Baldwin Family Album

Here is a random collection of pictures from the Baldwin family album, to give you a bit of an idea of what their first two weeks in New Maximiliania were like:

The Baldwins, just after they had arrived from Belladonna Cove and moved into their new home: Benjamin, Sofia, Marcus (still a boy), and Isabel.

The family at the dinner table. Sofia seems to express her unhappiness about having had to pack up her things and move. But maybe that's just some typical moody teenager thing :-)

Isabel, getting her membership card for the Platinum Gym. I don't think I'd choose this particular outfit if I wanted to do some rope skipping...

Sofia seems a lot happier now that her and her brother's room is furnished and decorated. Or maybe her little brother's antics cheered her up.

Isabel at her age-transition. Not long afterwards, she left her family to move in with Beaumont DeBateau, her three-bolt-love.

Benjamin at his age-transition. As so often with our Sims, all the important things seem to be happening in the bathrooms!


  1. It is so funny how sims seem to go to the bathroom before anything "important" happens. Non-birthday age transitions, births, deaths. :)

    1. Yes, it's a phenomenon every Sims2-player is familiar with :-)

  2. I take it Benjamin and Isabel were not married but related (don't know this family)

    1. Oh yes, they were married. Isabel left Benjamin to live with Beaumont DeBateau, but never married Beaumont. Technically, she was still Mrs. Baldwin until her death.


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