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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Beaker Family - Week 3

Welcome to yet another week with the Beaker family! Sadly, the original chapter does not exist anymore, but maybe you remember that they started out in a fortress-like house which once stood in Strangetown, and they had a "tenant", Nervous Subject. Nervous has since left the household and is living with his wife Erin (née Singles) and their children Selma, Stig and Shaun somewhere else in New Maximiliania. So, who is left in this sprawling family home, and what are they up to? 
Let's start with the youngest family member, half-Alien Beta. She is Loki's child and the result from an Alien abduction. 
Her older brother, Björn, is half-Alien like her. 
They have a half-brother, Barry, who is the only child their parents have together. 
Circe is Barry's biological mother, but strictly speaking, not related to neither Björn nor Beta. She is a Fortune Sim and wants to become Business Tycoon. 
Her husband Loki is the father of all three children. He loves them dearly and his lifetime want (to graduate 3 children from college) matches more a Family Sim than the Knowledge Sim he really is. 
It is Monday, and Circe comes from work with a promotion from Executive to Vice President. 
Björn proudly presents his first A+ report! 
He brings home a class mate, Placido Picaso. 
At 6.00 pm, little Beta grows up from toddler to child. Now all the baby furniture and toys can go, and Beta gets to sleep in a "big" bed. 
On Tuesday, Loki decides to do some gardening; it was a long winter, and the flowers do not look very good. 
It was Beta's first day at school, and as the loving and responsible dad he is, he makes sure to teach his little girl how to study. 
With good results - on Wednesday, Beta can show her first A+ report to her proud parents! 
Circe herself is not doing bad, either: she has just been made President of the company she has been working for such a long time now. Her colleague, Chastity Gere, joins in the celebration. 
Finally, the weather is warm enough for everybody to enjoy a water balloon fight! The girl with the orange dress is Olivia Ottomas, Björn's class mate; the blonde man is Kevin Beare. 
Circe has spent almost the entire night from Wednesday to Thursday behind the telescope, and very early on Thursday morning, she is rewarded with a membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories. 
When the kids come home from school today, they are accompanied by Jacqueline Jacquet and, once again, Placido Picaso. I always enjoy seeing the Simkids from other families joining the family I currently play for an afternoon! 
And sure enough, soon the three Beaker siblings and their guests are once again engaged in a water balloon fight on the front lawn. 
Barry has to interrupt the game when he grows up; he is now a Teenager. The lot decides for his aspiration to be Knowledge just like his dad; his lifetime want is to become Chief of Staff. I really don't like the hairdo he has age-transitioned with, but for the moment, I will leave it. 
Barry tries his hand at tuning the grand piano, but... 
...ouch!! That actually HURT! (Believe it or not, I've never seen this in my game until now) 
On Friday, Circe is brought home in a flash limousine: she is now CEO. Not far to go now until her lifetime want comes true! 
Take a good look at Björn, having fun in the swimming pool with his little sister Beta. It is the last time you will see him like this... 
...because moments later on this sunny afternoon, he grows up into a teenager. His lifetime want is to become a Space Pirate - fitting for a Fortune Sim. 
As a future Chief of Staff, young Barry thinks he should get some practice in the medical field by using the surgery kit his parents own from back when they had different careers. Much to his amazement, he pulls out from the dummy's stomach first a hamburger... 
...then something that could be anything from an egg to a potato to a large pebble... 
...a spraying can... 
...and even a telephone! (I found it quite entertaining to watch and wait what he was going to pull out next!) 
On Saturday, the children don't go to school and Circe does not work, so the whole family enjoys breakfast together. Loki is a good cook and his omelettes are delicious. 
Circe is working on her creativity skill towards her next promotion and is invited to the My Muse - Music & Dance Studio. 
What is Loki doing here in the kitchen apart from preparing ribs for the barbecue the family wants to have later? 
He is age-transitioning. Welcome to Elderhood, Loki! I do hope you will live long enough to see all three of your children graduate from college. They may have to hurry up a bit - Beta, the youngest, is still a long way from even becoming a teenager. 
On Sunday, Barry follows in his mother's footsteps and becomes a member at the My Muse - Music & Dance Studio, too. 
Loki and Circe can look back at a week without much drama, but with a lot of family life and things to be happy about. Next time we will visit the Beakers, Circe is going to turn into an elder. Will she have reached her lifetime want before that? Are the teenage boys going to move to college soon? Is Loki going to take good enough care of himself to see Beta attend and graduate from college, too?


  1. Wow I've never seen that before either with the piano! Did you change any of the LTW's? I think Loki always wants to be a Mad Scientist in my games. It is great when other playable kids from the 'hood come over, means their friend count goes up for next time, :)
    Loving all the aliens.

    1. When I built by neighbourhood, I cleaned every Sim's memory with SimPE before moving them all in, but I didn't change their LTWs. That happened automatically, I guess, when I cleaned them all.

  2. Lovely summer update with swimming, balloon fights and barbeques!

  3. I'm back and just re-read through the posts I had already read through cause I couldn't remember where I was. :) It's so fun to see your hood and be thinking of Megalahood too. :) This was a wonderful update and the family seems so happy. The kids are all interesting and I really like them. :)

    1. You know I do that, too - re-read my own posts when I start a new week with a family. So much time has usually passed since having played them last time that I need a reminder of what was going on :-)

    2. Yeah, any time I go to blog I have to re-read older posts. It's not as hard in small neighborhoods, but I don't really have any of those anymore. :)


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