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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour: 19.3.2011

The newcomers are the Monty twins, Beatrice and Benedick. 
Benedick's outfit is alright, but Beatrice instantly changes into something more suitable for autumn; a polo shirt, skirt, tights and proper shoes instead of the flimsy summer dress and flip-flops. 
Desdemona has just made her Silver Pottery Badge. 
Buck Grunt explains to the newcomer Benedick that they often have their meals here in the atrium when the weather is sunny like today. 
Benedick and Beatrice both have the wish to declare their Major in Drama, and of course that wish is granted. 
When they have nothing else to do, the students sometimes go jogging together. 
Desdemona and Etsu successfully finish their first semester of their Senior Year; for Hal, it is the end of his Junior Year and the start of his Senior Year. He is one semester behind his sister. (Don't you just hate it when your Sims go to class or exams still in their PJs? I usually manage to avoid that by waking them up early enough to make them change into their day clothes, but sometimes I am distracted and they go as they are.) 
Beatrice and Benedick have completed the first semester of their Freshman Year. 
Time to write term papers, girls! It is the very last term paper Etsu and Desdemona are ever going to write. 
Buck likes watching Beatrice while she is cooking dinner for the whole bunch. They have two bolts for each other... let's see if I can make that into three! 
Beatrice's turn-ons are hats and facial hair, and so Buck grows a bit of a beard and starts sporting a trendy hat. 
And indeed, he and Beatrice have now 3 bolts for each other! Sometimes, this is so easy, while at other times, I think I have made my Sims meet all the requirements, and yet they stay on 2 bolts eternally 
Desdemona, Beatrice and Buck enjoy their hamburgers. Poor Desdemona is trying to keep a conversation going while the two new three-bolters have only eyes for each other ;-) 
Beatrice has just made her Bronze Pottery Badge after making only six plates - well, she has maximum creativity, so it didn't take her as long as a Sim with less creativity. 
Desdemona is, if I am not very much mistaken, the first Sim in my game to have received her Gold Pottery Badge. Well done, Mona! 
Desdemona and Etus have completed their studies and graduated: Cum Laude in Philosophy (Desdemona) and Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics (Etsu). For Hal, his very last semester has just begun. 
Etsu is the first to throw her graduation party. Of course, her mother Vivian and her step-dad Timothy Riley are on her guest list as well as her closest friends, such as Benvenuto Broke... 
...her step-sister Sally Riley, Dirk Dreamer, Ginger Newson, Rick Contrary and Brent Broke. 
Uh-oh... have I already mentioned that my Sims keep surprising me with actions of their own accord? Beatrice and Buck are still 3-bolters but have not even flirted with each other yet. Instead, during Etsu's graduation party, Beatrice has nothing better to do than kiss her old friend Dirk Dreamer (a 1-bolt-man for her) and fall in love with him!!! 
Then Etsu's taxi is about to arrive and take her back to New Maximiliania. Her mom Vivian thinks it seems like yesterday that her daughter was a baby... and now she is ready to tackle her lifetime want! 
Once Etsu has left, Desdemona starts her graduation party. Beatrice tells her she regrets that they did not have enough time here to become best friends. 
Desdemona's family makes up the guest list: her dad Albany, heavily pregnant cousin Hermia, little sister Ariel, cousin Tybalt, sister Miranda and of course mother Goneril, who is not in this picture. 
Desdemona's moment to leave campus has come. Bye-bye for now! 
And finally, Beatrice and Benedick have completed their Freshman Year. Hal will soon graduate, so that this big house will be left with only three students (yes, Buck Grunt is still here). Who is going to join them? Are Buck and Beatrice going to act on their three-bolt-attraction? Will Benedick find someone to love, too?


  1. Those crazy sims when left to their own devices. :) So interesting to see how many Maxis sims I just don't know yet.

    1. It is hard to bear sometimes, just to watch them and not start micro-managing them again :-)


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