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Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Aspir Family - Week 3

Welcome to the 3rd round through New Maximiliania! 
For those of you who are new to New Max: it is my special neighbourhood where, in alphabetical order, I play ALL Maxis-made families (also the students from the three campus neighbourhoods) and only use Maxis-made houses and community lots; no custom content, no hacks. It is fun to find out what you can do with the stage set for those various "lives"; sometimes, surprises are in store and our Sims do not quite act the way we thought they would. In case you want to make your own Maxis-families 'hood, please be careful and do not simply move them via the family bin. Instead, follow the instructions on 

The alphabet begins with A, and so our first household in the third round here is the Aspir family who still live in their original house. (Each round is one sim-week per family.) 
Luis Aspir is the oldest family member - and also the oldest New Maximilianian: he is 104 ! A retired City Planner, he would still like to become Head of SCIA, but because he is already on Permanent Platinum thanks to the Genie from a magic lamp he found in his attic, he does not really need to work on a lifetime want. 
His granddaughter Pauline is already a teenager now, in the third round. This pretty young lady has the Popularity aspiration and dreams of being Hall of Famer one day. But for the next 13 Sim-days, she is still going to be a teen. 
Her mother Elizabeth is a Fortune Sim who thinks of not much else but money - all in view of her lifetime want, which is to earn 100.000 Simoleons. She currently works as Vice President of a big New Maximilianian company.
Her husband and Luis' son is Victor. He is one "year" younger than his wife and will turn into an Elder in 8 days. As a Family Sim, his lifetime want of becoming Education Minister is not very surprising. He is now in the position of a University Guest Lecturer. 
On Monday evening, Elizabeth receives her Silver Talent Badge for sewing. Her father-in-law has been sharing hobby tips with her all the time while she was working on her set of curtains. 
Victor loves his cuisine magazine and never misses an issue! 
Pauline knows all about New Maximiliania's meet & greet policy: I want as many of the Maxis-made Sims know each other as possible, and so they all greet every inhabitant of the neighbourhood whenever possible. 
On Tuesday, Victor becomes a member of "Games of Glory".
Luis has a lot of time on his hands, now that he is retired and does not work on a lifetime want, and so he dedicates some of this time to the garden. 
On Wednesday, Elizabeth comes home with a promotion to President of the company, while Pauline is getting ready for her (almost) daily run. 
Whenever possible, the family have at least one meal each day together, and it is always an occasion to celebrate. 
Thursday, Victor takes a wrong decision with a chance card and is demoted to High School Teacher. 
Luis still likes drafting blueprints and hangs them on the walls of his garage-converted-to-flat. 
On Friday, Victor manages to get back into his former job of University Guest Lecturer. Yes, we are all proud of you, Victor! 
Elizabeth and Victor enjoy some time on their own. Note the curtains - they have all been hand-made by Elizabeth. 
On Saturday, the model railway in the Aspirs' back garden catches fire! One minute, their guest Jasmine Rai was simply playing with the railway, and the next minute the whole thing was in flames. 
Soon, the fire spread further, and Juliette Capp, another guest, ran to see what was going on. 
Even Ashley Pitts, who was NOT a guest but simply passing by, came running across the whole garden! 
A little later, the birch tree next to the model railway caught fire, too. I was convinced someone was going to die - but Jasmine Rai, Juliette Capp and Ashley Pitts all left on their own accord when their hygiene level was so low they were emitting green clouds of stink. 
Luis became a member of Games of Glory today - but the head of the secret hobby lot did not go into the house to hand him the membership card, instead he ran to the fire just like the others had done! 
Finally, I had enough of it, and sent Victor out to extinguish the fire, before it could spread to the house. He caught fire, and had I not sent his wife after him to extinguish the flames, he would have died there and then. 
On Sunday morning, Pauline and her granddad spent HOURS sweeping up the ashes, while Elizabeth and Victor had to get almost all their needs back to green, which took quite some work and good timing. 
On Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth... 
...turned into an Elder. But what IS she poor woman wearing?! 
This is much better, don't you think? Only a few hours before her age transition, I had her make this outfit. Luis is now 108 - how much longer is he going to live? What will Victor look like as an elder, and when is he going to reach his lifetime want? Is Pauline going to attend college? Round 4 will give the answer :-) 


  1. Hello, I just found your blog and have started reading from the very beginning! It looks very good so far - I'm impressed by how far you've gotten. How long does it take you to play through the whole neighbourhood in real time?

    1. Hello Ellie, and welcome to my blog! Wow, to start from the very beginning is quite a challenge!
      I have started playing this 'hood in 2008, and it usually takes me about a year to finish one round. Of course it depends on many different things, such as changing jobs with new schedules, or when I need to brush up on my Sims3-playing skills before working at the computer games fair for EA again :-)

  2. Hey, just letting you know I've started reading your blog. :) I've always intended to but never got around to beginning until this weekend. I don't know how often I'll comment, as I have quite a lot of entries to catch up on but I'll try to pipe up a few times as I go.

    1. Hello Carla, thank you for reading my blog and letting me know about it! You're right, there is quite a lot for you to read, and it'll keep growing :-)
      I hope you won't get bored quickly, since my reports are mostly just that - reports, and not much story telling.

  3. These Aspir's look fun. What a crazy fire round. From the little bits I've gotten looking over some of the family photo albums you have a lot of them. I posted on another comment over my concern due to memories and stuff. I realize what you were talking about now, actually moving the sims out of one hood (like Strangetown) into another (a Megahood), right? If so, then I don't have to worry about that, whew! :)

    1. There are indeed many fires in New Max; even accomplished cooks manage to cause kitchen fires, and every so often, a fire set to a pile of leaves will go wrong...
      I don't know how you created your Megahood; if you simply moved Sims out from the original hoods (like Strangetown) into a different hood (like a Megahood) without cleaning them up first, your game could eventually suffer from character overload and crash.

    2. Yeah, that was what I realized you were talking about. I actually used the Uber Megahood created by someone who had actually done all the work of cleaning everything up. :)

  4. I'm here at last to check out Maximiliana - but where are the first two weeks? Cannot seem to find them in the archives?

    1. Welcome to my blog, jungfrun68! Looking forward to learning what you think of New Max and its residents :-)

      As for the first two rounds - sadly, most of the info from back then was lost when the Sims2 story exchange on the offical website did not work for months (and now it has closed down for good, which is why I first decided to transfer my stories to this blog).
      But I do have the in-game pics from that time for most of the families, and these are the ones that I post in the "Family Albums". Therefore, you can see how they started for most of the families when you go to the post by the headline "[family name] Family Album"

  5. Perfect! Now I will probably spam you for weeks - it seems I have a lot of reading-up to do :)

    1. I am looking forward to all your "spamming" - and yes, you won't run out of reading material anytime soon, I'm afraid :-)

  6. Look, I apparently lied when I told you that I never got around to start your blog from the beginning. Good that I have such a short memory, now I can experience it all again, like if it was all new :D

    1. You know what - whenever I am about to start the next week at another household, I go back to read what happened there before - even though I played and wrote it myself!


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