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Monday, 30 July 2012

The Bell Family - Week 3

For the Sims living in this handsome house, the third week in New Maximiliania is about to begin - but, sadly, due to the Sims2 Exchange uploading problems we had back in May 2009, the reports about the first two weeks do not exist anymore. So, who lives here?
Let's start with the youngest household member: Daniel Bell. While we wait for him to get dressed, let's have a look at his aspiration and lifetime want: he is a Popularity Sim and wants to have 20 simultaneous best friends. His very first best friend turned out to be (apart from his parents) Bottom Summerdream, one of his class mates.
Then there is his aunt, Sharon Wirth. She has her own bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor of the Bells' house. Sharon is a Romance Sim who has the rather unromantic lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleon. Therefore, I let her keep her job in the dance career, where she started out as a Jazzercise Instructor when the game began. She is now an Interpretive Dancer and member at My Muse II - Art Studio (not at the Music & Dance studio, note!).
Sharon's brother-in-law and Daniel's dad is Issac Bell. Sorry, folks - I am still convinced that this is a mis-spelling. There is, to my knowledge, no such thing as "Issac"; it should be Isaac, shouldn't it? Anyway. Issac is striving to become a Media Magnate, his aspiration is Popularity.
On Monday, he makes his way up the career ladder one step further by becoming Sports Columnist.
His wife, Daniel's mother and Sharon's sister, Hannah Bell, shares Issac's lifetime want of becoming Media Magnate, but not his aspiration: hers is Family. Hannah is a step ahead of her husband and already works as an Investigative Journalist.
On Monday, she is promoted to Magazine Editor.
Daniel - don't you think you're a bit young to be talking like that about well-known heart throb Chastity Gere? Or do you intend to become one of the 20 names on her list of Sims she had woohoo with?
Issac is willing to help his sister-in-law to reach her lifetime want and tips her 100 Simoleons every time she plays the violin (it does stay in the family account, after all!).
On Tuesday, Daniel and his auntie Sharon become best friends - for Daniel, this means he has now reached half of his lifetime want, because Sharon is no. 10 on his list of best friends.
Issac is promoted to Investigative Journalist, filling in the position his wife has vacated when she became Magazine Editor.
Daniel is not only quite a handsome boy, but also a good dancer.
This is the first time I see a Sim doing that - reading a book while walking around the house! I suppose Issac can only do that because his enthusiasm for literature has reached a certain level.
Daniel is at it again - talking to one of his many friends about Chastity Gere!
Shortly after Tuesday turned into Wednesday, a burglar sneaks up to the house.
There is no burglar alarm, but amazingly enough, all the burglar takes is this painting from Hannah's and Issac's bedroom - I never liked it anyway and simply left it there because I couldn't be bothered to meksercize the house :-)
On Thursday, Hannah receives her membership card to the My Muse - Arts & Crafts Studio.
Issac is now on the same career level as his wife: he has just been promoted to Magazine Editor, too.
While he studies cooking for his next promotion (because he'll have to "cook up" stories for the magazine), he is given his membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
Finally, Sharon is promoted as well - she is now a Tap Dancer.
And that's her in her Tap Dancer outfit. I like the glittery tights!
Friday sees not another promotion for Hannah, although she does look very pleased with herself when she and Issac return from work. Actually, it should be her husband being so pleased - he has been wise with a chance card and earned himself a 37.000 Simoleons bonus, boosting the household account to just over 88.000 Simoleons.
On Saturday morning, Daniel can't wait to see his parents go to work - he has something in mind to do which he is not sure he wants them to know about just yet.
He invites one of his best friends - Kimberly Cordial, an atrociously evil witch, hoping that she will teach him magic. But... much as he tries to persuade her, she refuses, and after some friendly rounds of "red hands", he says good-bye to her. (I thought teenagers can become warlocks and witches, too? Was I misinformed?)
On Saturday afternoon, Hannah reaches permanent platinum - she has just been made Media Magnate!
Sunday morning, Daniel leaves for college - if he would not have left today, he would have turned into an adult at 6.00 pm.
Auntie Sharon is going to miss her nephew! Bye-bye, Daniel, I hope you'll make many more best friends at university!
Sharon has, by the way, just received her special plaque for maximum enthusiasm in arts.
And at 6.00 sharply, Hannah starts to glow... and spin...
...and turns into an Elder! Her being on Permanent Platinum, I hope she's in for many "Golden Years".
At the same time, Issac has made his age transition - not yet on Permanent Platinum, but I hope he will reach that next time we visit the Bells, which should not take us too long, since their surname starts with a B (we have been playing this Sim-week here because of the "W" in Sharon Wirth's surname). Of course, we will also be checking in on Daniel at college.


  1. Maybe the witch (who is evil) wanted to torture Daniel a bit?

    1. It really puzzled me; I was so sure Daniel would be able to ask the witch to turn him into a warlock, but it was not possible.

  2. Wow, I always thought teens could turn into warlocks/witches too. What a strange occurrence. I've decided to try and get through the first four weeks of all the families (so the family albums and then either round 3 and 4 or 3-6), then go back and read the university rounds that way I know who all is there. Then I'll feel like I'm caught up and ready to read the 5th round. :) I haven't yet reached these guys so it will be fun to see how they do.

    1. Yes, I thought that teenagers could go "magic", too.
      You have a lot of reading to do if you really want to catch up with all the goings-on in New Max!

    2. Yes there is LOTS of reading to do, but caught up for me was more about getting through the early posts when you were trying to move everything over to here. Once you start full rounds here I THINK it will be easier for me to keep track of where I am and what's going on. :)


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